Let Me Love You

Maddy meets her favorite band in the entire world, but in a way she never imagined she'd have to. What happens when one of the boys turns her world upside down, and her ex's plan didn't go as...well planned?
This is my first movella so comments are greatly appreciated!!!:)


26. You what?

*Madison’s POV*

            Niall just sat there and cradled me as I cried myself dry. I looked up at him with red puffy eyes, while his eyes were worried and still shocked at what almost happened. I hugged him tightly as he kissed my hair,

“Don’t leave me Maddy. I need you.” He took my hand off his chest and intertwined our fingers. “Let’s just stay here for today. Movie day sound good? We don’t have to tell Liam. Then we won’t be forced to watch Toy Story.” I giggled. He wiped away the last of my tears and kissed my forehead,

“Movie day sounds good.” He stood up and extended his hand out to me and I gladly took it. He protectively put his arm around my waist making sure to keep me close. He decided to be childish and pick their concert DVD. “Nice choice.” I laughed.

“Now I get to hear that voice of yours.” I leaned in close,

“You will never hear me sing.”

“I bet I can get it out of you.”

“Nope” I said, popping the ‘P’. He sat me on the couch and wrapped me up in a blanket before kissing me.

“I will be right back.” He kissed me again before pressing ‘play’ and leaving. He walked back in a few minutes later with a big bowl full of popcorn. He plopped down next to me and wrapped the blanket around his legs. I lay down, using his head as a pillow. As ‘Moments’ came on I couldn’t help but mouth the words, but I refrained from singing out loud. He would not win. When his solo came on he sang along. He sounded even better in person. No microphone, no music, no nothing just the pureness in his voice. I usually sing his solo the loudest when I’m alone but I just wanted to listen to him. When Louis’s solo came on I sang very quietly. Niall must have heart it because he started to tickle me,

“Niall…stop…please!” I laughed.

“Then sing for me babe.”


You know I’ll be your life

Your voice

Your reason to be

My love

My heart is breathing for this

Moment in time

I’ll find the words to say

Before you leave me today

I looked up at him and he was smiling like an idiot. I blushed and looked away, but I could still fell his gaze on me.

“Maddy that was incredible.”

“Shut up.” I said, playfully hitting his arm. Just then Zayn walked through the door.

“Oh…er sorry am I interrupting something?”


“YES! Dude you just missed Maddy sing! She’s amazing.” He looked over at me. The only thing I could see in his eyes was pure agony.

“Sorry I missed it.” he half smiled as he left. Niall sat back down next to me and held me hand.

“I’m going to go talk to Zayn.” I slipped my hand out of his and walked to Zayn’s room.

*Zayn’s POV*

She looked so beautiful. No, Zayn stop it! She will never love you. You lost your chance. I awkwardly walked in on her and Niall cuddling. I couldn’t help but be jealous. I should be the one holding her and consoling her. Not Niall. Right then someone knocked on my door. It was her. Her angelic voice rand through my ears,

“Can I come in?”

“Er…yeah sure.” I couldn’t help but stare. She was jaw dropping gorgeous.

“So what’s up? Are you ok?” Crap can she tell? Is it that obvious?

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“I dunno. You just seem a little…off. Like when you see me with Niall, you just freeze.” WE just sat in silence. I felt bad…I honestly didn’t know how respond to that. I couldn’t tell her ‘ya it’s killing me inside because I love you’. No I just couldn’t tell her. “Did I do something to make you upset? Do you hate me?”

“NO of course I don’t hate you and you didn’t do anything to upset me either. You actually seem to make everything seem happier.” I stared blankly at her, forcing a fake smile.

“Zayn that smile is so fake. Please tell me what’s bothering you.”

“I can’t. There’s nothing you can do to help.” Knowing her she won’ drop the subject.

“Don’t tell me there’s nothing I can do because there’s always something.”

“You really want to help me?”

“Of cour…”

“Kiss me.” That finally kept her quiet.


“I told you there was nothing you could do.” I whispered.

“What do you want to k…”

“Kiss me? Because…” I couldn’t tell her. That would be like a blow to the gut for Niall. But now because I don’t know how to shut my big mouth she needs an explanation.

“Are you going to tell me?”

“It’s because Iloveyou.” I said rather rapidly.

“You what?”

“I love you Maddy! I love you. There I said it. Are you happy now?” She just sat in silence. She looked confused and…hurt? “Penny for your thoughts.” I said breaking the unbearable silence.

“But you can’t love me. I still don’t understand why Niall loves me. And I love…”

“Ya I know. You love Niall. Why do you look so upset though?”

“Because now I know why you look sad all the time.” One thing about Maddy is she always wants to please everyone. She wants everyone to be happy before herself. Well that’s not going to work in this case.

“Maddy you can try all your life to please everyone, but you can only please so many people. I know that I can’t have you so I will just have to live with being your friend. And for the record, I know exactly why Niall loves you.” She had a blank stare on her face. “If you really wanted to make me 100% happy, you would tell me you love me and not Niall. You would kiss and I would have the honor of calling you mine. But I know you don’t love me that way, I never expected you to. But I am perfectly fine being friends, as long as you’re in my life somehow.”  She smiled, closed her eyes and looked down letting tears roll down her perfect face.

“This is a mistake.”

“What’s a mistake?”

“Being in your guys’ lives. I should not be here. I do not belong in the spotlight like all of you. And I certainly don’t deserve yours and Niall’s love. I’m not worth your time, honestly. I mean just look at the reason you had to meet me…”

“It was because he was a jerk.”

“It was because I wasn’t good enough.” I hate seeing her so broken. I pulled her in to comfort her,

“Don’t be sorry for being with us. Niall loves you with every fiber of his being. And I know I shouldn’t, but I love you to the moon and back. We are very lucky to have met you. Ok? I will not intrude on what he has taken so long to build up. I want to be a brother to you. I want to be your best friend.”

“And you’re ok with just being my friend?”

“As long as you’re in my life I will be happy. Whether it’s with Niall or due to some tragedy you end up with me.” She giggled. “Don’t ever hide your smile. It lights up the room.” She looked up from my chest, which was now covered in tears, and said,

“Any girl would be lucky to be with you.” I gave her a smile. “So you ok now?”

“Much better.” She got up and went to walk back down to Niall. “I love you babe.” I smiled at her, now making a joke of it. She laughed catching my joke and turned back and said,

“Love you too.” Then she skipped away to go be with Niall. I sighed and flopped down on my bed. Maybe being her friend would be better than being with her. Just maybe being like a brother to her will result in a relationship only she and I can have. Just maybe.

*Madison’s POV*

            I walked back down to Niall with a huge smile on my face.

“Everything ok? Have you been crying?” I forgot that Niall can always notice the tear stains or how red my face gets.

“Ya but its ok now. Promise.” I smiled. He looked at me worriedly so I kissed him to reassure him that everything was ok. When we broke apart he laughed a little,

“OK I’ll take your word for it. But that wasn’t convincing enough.” I laughed and leaned in to kiss him again. When our lips met he smiled a big triumphant smile. I laughed against his lips and pulled away. Then I heard an ‘EW’ come from upstairs. I laughed as Zayn said,

“Watch the PDA in this house!”

“Yes dad” I laughed.

“Aw Zayn were you spying?” Niall teased.

“No I could hear the smoochin’ from my room with the door closed!”

“LOVE YOU!” I said.

“Yeah yeah.” He laughed and went to the bathroom.

“I thought you love me?” Niall said with his best fake pouty face he could muster up.

“Aw is somebody jealous?”

“Yes! You’re my princess and my princess only. GOT THAT ZAYN?!”

“YEAH YEAH!” he repeated.

“I do love you babe.” I said and kissed his cheek. I got up and went to get some water. Niall came up from behind me and snaked his arms around my waist to spin me around to face him.

“Good cause I love you too. But…”


“I definitely love you more.”

“I beg to differ.” I challenged.

“Don’t argue.” He smiled, taking slow steps closer, moving me towards the fridge.

“I never admit defeat!” I laughed at myself for quoting Louis. He took one step closer pinning me to the fridge. “Ok you win.” I laughed again.

“Good” he smiled, closing the gap between our lips.


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