Let Me Love You

Maddy meets her favorite band in the entire world, but in a way she never imagined she'd have to. What happens when one of the boys turns her world upside down, and her ex's plan didn't go as...well planned?
This is my first movella so comments are greatly appreciated!!!:)


32. She has my sister

*Madison’s POV*

“Wait Annie what?”

“Um…Annie Star.”

“NO WAY! She was like my best friend! But I think I know why she took the pictures then.”

“Why? I mean other than to protect you?”

“No if it was her then protecting me was not her motivation.”

“You think it was to get a reaction out of us?”

“Not you guys…you.”


“You are her favorite member. She probably wants to get closer to you.”

“Well we won’t know for sure until we find out right?” I smiled up at him,

“Right.” Niall then DM’d her and asked if she wanted to meet the boys and see me. She responded with something that shocked me, it said,

As much as I would love to meet you guys just seeing Maddy would be enough. I don’t want her to think I had any other intentions. I would love to meet you guys some other time though. Thank you for the kind offer and tell Maddy that I can’t wait to see her.

I had to keep my mouth from hitting the floor. If I knew Annie she would do anything to meet One Direction. When we were in Biology together sophomore year we would fantasize about meeting our idols and how we would go to extreme’s to do so. She even said that she would go as far as murder (not really) to get meet and greet passes. To think that she just turned down her biggest dream baffled me. I smacked Niall’s hands away from the keyboard and responded to her,

ANNIE!!!!!!!!!! Hey babe. It’s Maddy and I miss you so much! How’s your summer going? So here’s the deal, not meeting the boys is simply not an option. When you come to see me you are coming to see them too! Got it?:D Now I’ll l t you and Niall finish setting up the dates. Love you girl and can’t wait to see you!

As I pushed send Niall started to giggle at me,

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothin babe. That was just very kind of you.”

“I do try.” I smiled. After about 20 minutes of Annie and Niall DMing they agreed that Annie would come visit us on Friday and leave the following Friday. Niall booked her fancy hotel room, just for my sake. Annie was my best friend sophomore year in high school. Then I moved during that summer and we haven’t been able to see each other that much since then. She has beautiful brown wavy hair, gorgeous baby blue eyes, and just the cutest personality. WE were two peas in a pod and we were always the ‘single ladies’ but we had fun together anyways. I can’t wait to see her. Niall then dragged me out of my thoughts,

“So does that mean that you know her intentions were to keep you safe?”

“If she was willing to turn down a chance to meet you guys then her head must not be screwed on right!”

“Haha babe.”

“But yes I believe her. I still wonder how she got the pictures though.”

“Well I guess we’ll find out.”

“Wanna go out?”

“And do what?”

“I don’t know…something.”

“Well that narrows it down.” He says mocking me.

“Oh shut up. What do you want to do?”

“Hmmm…something fun…”

“ICE SKATING!” I squeal.

“Ice skating it is then. Go get ready.” I sprint up to my room and grab a pair of jeans and one of Niall’s sweatshirts. I quickly straighten my hair and fix my mascara then run back down to him.

“Let’s go!” I say while jumping up and down.

“Hold on love.” He says while putting earmuffs over my ears. “I wouldn’t want you to catch a cold.” He says while kissing my forehead. I smile and give him a hug. He takes a deep breath and says “Ok…now we can go.” My smile spreads across my face as I grab his wrist and practically drag him out the door. He hops in the driver’s side and drives to the nearest ice rink. When we got there it was empty and Niall planned to keep it that way. He rented out the whole arena just for us. He called the boys and invited them to come too.  They happily agreed and said that they would be here in 10. The manager happily rented us the rink, for the right price, and autographs for his daughter. We have the whole rink to ourselves! This is going to be so fun! Sure enough the boys got here right on time. WE all got our skates and hit the ice. Turns out that Louis couldn’t skate that well. I was the best skater out of them all so I was the designated helper. I skated over to Louis and helped him up.

“I don’t need your help.” He sassed. I smirked at him,

“Fine then.” I let go of his waist and he fell immediately. I laughed and skated backwards away from him. None of the boys were skilled enough to help him, so when I turned around there was an unplanned 1D dog pile on Louis. I giggled and literally skated circles around them.

“Can you help me up?”

“I thought you didn’t need my help,” I teased, “If you need my help, tell me. Beg for it.”

“Fine. Maddy I need your help. Will you please help me?”

“I’m sorry what was that? I didn’t quite catch that.”

“MADDY I NEED YOUR HELP!” he yelled.

“Oh ok. Why didn’t you just say so?” I grabbed Louis by the hand and helped him back up on his feet.

“Thanks Maddy.” He mumbled. I could tell that he was embarrassed that he needed a girls help, so I just laughed to myself. I helped up the rest of the boys except for Niall.

“Oh you’re not going to help me up? Fine then you’re coming down.” He said as he slapped the backs of my knees causing me to fall on my butt. I looked at him with fake disgust and then we both started laughing. We both were trying get u on our hands and knees knew we ended up colliding heads. We looked at each other and laughed again. I tried to get up again but both my hands and knees slid out from under me and I fell on my stomach. I rolled over so I was on my back laughing. Niall had managed to get up on his hands and knees and crawl over to me. He was now hovering over me. As he opened his mouth to say something, Harry was clumsily skating by and he knocked Niall’s boot causing him to collapse on top of me. His lips hit mine perfectly and he kissed me. I wasn’t expecting it so it took me a while to comprehend what was going on and actually kiss back. We were just kissing on the ice, with him on top of me, when I heard Harry say,

“Should we leave?” I smiled against Niall’s lips and sat up,

“Sorry Hazza!”

“No worries! Just wondering if we should leave!” I giggled and helped myself up, leaving Niall on the ground again.

“Hey!” he whined. I rolled my eyes and went back to help him. I grabbed his hand and when he made it up to his knees I held him by the waist and helped him get back on his feet. I was going to skate away, but he grabbed me by the hand s and lightly tugged me backwards so that we were skating hand in hand to the boys. Once we got there Liam challenged me to a lap around the rink. Louis created the starting line and we got down into our starting positions. Niall gave me a kiss on the cheek before wishing me luck. Zayn skated up to the starting line and held up his hand,

“On your marks, get set… GO!” he said as he threw down his hand. We skated around with me in the front. I looked back and saw that Liam had already fallen over. I pulled myself to a stop and watch as the boys hopelessly tried to help him up. I skated over to him and grabbed his hand, gracefully helping him up in one fluid motion. He steadies himself and mumbled’ thanks’ before skating off.

“HEY! That’s cheating!” I could hear his laugh bouncing off the walls as he rounded the second corner, then I sped ahead. I passed him at the third corner and I passed the finish line first. I turned around and watched him as he crosses the finish line. I put my hands on my hips and smiled, “Cheaters never win.” as Niall came and hugged me from behind. I turned around to give him a quick kiss before wiggling out of his grip and skating away. I don’t know what it is about ice skating, but it just let me feel so free, like I’m flying. I skated faster and faster as the wind blew my hair in every direction. As I was skating I felt my phone vibrate. I thought it was just Niall telling me to skate back over to him, but when I opened the message my stomach sank.

Unknown: You were warned to leave him alone! You are nothing to him, you are just a toy. Now you will do exactly as I say…got it?

I looked around the rink to see if anyone else was in here, but it was just me and the boys. I quickly skated over to the nearest boy, who happened to be Louis.

“Maddy you need to show Niall…now.” I nodded. I was still in shock, so I couldn’t speak. As I started to skate towards Niall my phone vibrated again in my hand. I hesitantly looked down at the message,

Unknown: What are you doing? Don’t show anyone!!!!! Go skate and pretend like you are having fun

I gulped and looked around again. I skated over to Louis, with a smile plastered on my face.

“Why are you smiling? Are you ok?” I nodded, indicating yes, but mouthed no. Luckily, Louis caught on and pretended to laugh, like I had something funny. Then I said,

“You need to tell Niall. The person is watching me.” Thank goodness he understood because he wobbly skated over to Niall while yelling,

“NIALL I HAVE A JOKE TO TELL YOU!” My phone vibrated again as I made eye contact with Niall. He had a worried look on his face. I looked at Louis and he nodded then telling Niall to play along. I looked down at my new message from the unknown number.

Unknown: Are you going to do exactly as I say?

I shakily replied,

Me: Why do you hate me so much?!

I got a fast response as Niall and Louis were discussing what to do.

Unknown: Because you don’t deserve Niall. You’re just going to end up in the garbage, where you belong.

I started to tear up and responded,

Me: What happens if I say no?

I put a smile on my face again and skated over to the boys who were now all worried, but they knew to play along. So we pretended like we were having fun until my phone buzzed again.

Unknown: I’ll hurt your sister

I gasped and dropped my phone on the ice. Louis grabbed my phone off the ground, looked at the message and responded,

Me (well Louis): Who do you think you are? Leave her alone!!! Why can’t you just accept that Niall’s happy!

Niall and Louis looked at each other while I skated to the wall, slid down it, and just sat on the ice hugging my knees. Harry skated over to me and just hugged me. Zayn spoke u first,

“Maybe we should call the cops.” Louis handed me my phone, and it buzzed almost instantly.

Unknown: Don’t even think about it. Now are you going to do as I say? Or do I have to tell little sis that her sister didn’t care enough to save her?

I responded as the tears unwillingly flowed down my cheeks.

Me: Don’t you touch her!!!

I looked up at Niall,

“She’s going to hurt my sister.” I sobbed.

“Don’t you do anything she says.” he says while placing his hands on my knees.

“But my sis…”

“We will get her back. We don’t even know if she really has her.” Me phone lit up, with my mom’s contact on the screen.


“Maddy…” I could tell she was crying so I put her on speaker so the boys could hear.

“Mom what’s going on?”

“Maddy…i-it’s…it’s your sister.” I looked up at Niall.



“When?” I whispered.

“This morning. The police can’t find her or any trace of her anywhere.” I just closed my eyes and sobbed. Niall hugged and and rubbed my back while whispering ‘I’m sorry’.

“Mo-om…I’m…go-ing to call you..ou back”

“Ok dear. Please stay safe. I love you.” The last thing I heard before she hung up was her crying. I clung to Niall’s shirt.

“She has my sister! She has Megan!” He ran his fingers through my hair and just kept repeating ‘I’m sorry’.

“We will find her. Don’t give in to her!”

“Can I just sit here by myself please? Go skate and I’ll join you in a minute.” He kisses my forehead and got up without saying another word. I shut my eyes and placed my head between my knees. I hoped that I was just having a horrible nightmare and that I was going to wake up soon. When I opened my eyes I realized that wasn’t the case. She really had my sister, and she really was going to hurt Megan. As if on cue my phone buzzed and I opened it reluctantly.

Unknown: So are you going to cooperate? Will you listen to me? I would hate for poor Megan to pay the price

I looked up at Niall, took a deep breath then looked back down at my phone. I thought about myself and what Niall had said to me. Then I thought about Megan. That was my breaking point. I clicked reply then sent one word.

Me: Ok.


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