Let Me Love You

Maddy meets her favorite band in the entire world, but in a way she never imagined she'd have to. What happens when one of the boys turns her world upside down, and her ex's plan didn't go as...well planned?
This is my first movella so comments are greatly appreciated!!!:)


28. Promise Me...

*Niall’s POV*

            As I heard someone knock I asked Maddy to go answer the door.


“Do you surrender?”


“Then no” he smiled. I made Liam turn me around so I could see who was at the door, but all I could see was Maddy frozen stiff with her mouth gaping open and tears falling from her eyes.

“Seriously let me go! Maddy needs me.”

“I asked you once so I will ask you again…do you surrender.”

“FINE! Fine I surrender! Now let me go!” He let go and I stumbled my way to her side.

“Maddy who… what the heck do you want?” I saw him. He was here. Hasn’t he hurt her enough, now he has the nerve to show up here? “Austin go away.” I think you’ve done enough damage to last a life time.”

“Yes I know. I never expected her to forgive me.” Maddy turned to me and clung to my shirt. I held her tight as I heard her cry silently, taking deep breaths.

“I think it’s time for you to go now.” He nodded and I noticed that this was just eating him away.

“Before I go, can I talk to you?” I nodded, cautiously and walked Maddy inside and handed her to Louis. He always seemed to make her feel better. I carefully sate her down on his lap as he rubbed her back and whispered ‘it’s going to be alright’ into her ear repeatedly as she cried on his shoulder. It took everything I had not to just go out there and punch him. I walked out and he was fidgeting with his thumbs.

“What do yo…”

It wasn’t supposed to be like this! It was supposed to go according to plan!”

“What are you talking about?”

“She wasn’t supposed to love you. She was supposed to fall back in love with me!”

“Woah you brought this on yourself. Do you even realize how much pain you cause her?”

“Yes. I understand. But the only reason I know how much it hurt is because…when she left it was like all the sunshine had been taken out of this world. She was my everything and I was willing to do whatever I had to do to get her back.” This kid standing here was talking about the girl that I love and the girl who’s hear he tore in half.

“You aren’t going to get my sympathy vote. Do you know how long it’s taken me to pick up the pieces you left behind? I still haven’t got her perfectly mended yet and honestly I don’t think she will ever completely trust me, like she trusted you before you hurt her. She’s always worried that someone better is going to come along because that’s what you showed her. You showed her that she wasn’t good enough…”

“But she was! She was perfect! I was an idiot because I remember how happy I was with her. She is the one that got away.” He said, now crying. “Look now I understand that I will never get her back, I will be lucky if she even wants to be my friend again, but please promise me one thing?”

“Depends on what it is.”

“I don’t think you’ll have any problems with it, I just need to be able to sleep at night knowing she is in good hands.”

“Ok what?”

“Promise me you will take care of her. Promise me you will make her feel special, like she is the greatest girl ever, because she is. Promise you will make sure that she knows how amazing she is and that she knows that no one is higher than her. Promise me to help her build confidence in herself, because that is what haunts me every night is the fact that I knew she was insecure to begin with and I didn’t do anything to help. Promise me that you will always, ALWAYS remind her of how beautiful she is. Promise me that you will let her know that she is one of a kind, just like she is your one and only. And one more promise…” I couldn’t answer so I just stared waiting for his last request. He looked down to the ground, closed his eyes, wiped away the last of his tears and said, “Promise me that you will always let her know how much you love her.” I nodded my head and said,

“I promise.” As he walked away. I went back in to be with Maddy and noticed her still on Louis’s lap. Her eyes were closed and wet. She had cried herself to sleep…again.


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