Let Me Love You

Maddy meets her favorite band in the entire world, but in a way she never imagined she'd have to. What happens when one of the boys turns her world upside down, and her ex's plan didn't go as...well planned?
This is my first movella so comments are greatly appreciated!!!:)


31. Last First Kiss

*Madison’s POV*

            Zayn…ZAYN?! Of all the boys he had to choose Zayn? I looked up at him as he was still pinning me to the ground while he was smiling. I couldn’t help but smile because he looked so proud of himself. I knew he trusted Zayn so I guess I should too.

“Ok.” I smile.

“You wanna do it now so we can get this over with?”

“Well first I think you would have to get off me.” I joked.

“I don’t know I’m kinda comfy.” He laughed.

“NIALL!” I jokingly shrieked, as I pushed him off.

“Ok now who is going to tell Zayn?”

“I’ll do it.” I offered.

“Ok go get him now so I don’t have this thought of you kissing someone else in my head for long.” I smiled, and kissed his nose before walking back upstairs. I sighed heavily before knocking on the door Maybe this would be good for him. Last first kiss right? I knocked and walked in as he jumped,


“Don’t talk about it. No matter what you tell me, or yell at me, I will always care about you. You’re my big brother.”

“And you’re my little sister.” He said while coming up and hugging me. “And I will always love you.”

“Shut up and don’t make things harder for yourself.” I smiled.


“Actually I take that back because I’m about to make things a lot harder.” I said.

“How so?” he questioned, moving towards me.

“Well remember when Niall kissed my friend to protect me?” He simply nodded. “Well I told him that now because he did that, he would have to watch me kiss someone he knows…”

“You’re so evil you know that?” he laughed.

“It’s a gift.” I smiled, “Anyway so I let him choose who I am going to kiss, so it’s someone that he trusts.” His eyes lit up like the 4th of July.

“And he chose me?” he asked in disbelief.

“Yes he trusts you. He trusts that you won’t try anything ad because he doesn’t know…”

“That I love you right?”


“Well I promise I won’t…” he said creping closer. I put my hand on his chest stopping him from getting too close.

“It has to be in front of Niall.” I said. He looked bewildered,


“So he knows what it felt like.”

“Oh, understandable.” He smiled.

“Are you ok with this? Like you won’t ever be able to do it again.”

“As long as I get to kiss you once without getting trouble, I’ll survive.” He said, making his love a joke again. I’m happy we made up because I did miss my ‘brother’. I took him by the hand and walked him downstairs. When I saw Niall I couldn’t help but start to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” he questioned.

“You look so angry.” I giggled.

“I’m not angry. I’m just afraid and nervous.”

“Good.” I laughed some more.

“Can you just kiss her already so I don’t have to worry about this anymore?” I stopped giggling and face Zayn. I could see it in his eyes that he was excited for this. I took a step closer and looked him in the eyes. He looked at me like ‘are you sure about this’ and I just shook my head. He cupped the side of my face, not ever breaking the eye contact. He was slowly coming forward, his beautiful brown eyes staring at mine, until I could feel his breath on my face. He stroked back a piece of hair that had fallen into my eyes. As he brushed it behind my ear, his hand slowly made its way down to my neck, pulling me closer and closing the gap between our lips. When our lips touched I didn’t want to kiss back because I instantly felt that guilt that Niall was talking about, but I had to or else it would totally defeat the purpose of kissing him in the first place. So I kissed back, and I felt a small smile grow on his lips as I pulled away. I looked over at Niall who was breathing heavily but he didn’t say anything.

“I totally get what you meant about the guilt.” I said.

“I understand what you mean about the pain. I never want to fell that again.” He responded. I turned around back to Zayn who was still trying to hide his smile. “Hey thanks man for helping us with this experiment.”

“Anytime.” He whispered, but only loud enough so I could hear. “Er…uh…I mean yeah. You’re welcome.” I couldn’t help but notice how pleased he looked with himself.

“Never do that again. It hurts too much.” Niall whispered.

“I told you so.” I smiled. “I’m going to go make sure Zayn is ok. He went back up to his room.”

“Ok. I’m going to do a little research.”

“What about?”

“Remember that girl from Twitter who keeps on standing up for you?” I nod, “Well I wanna find her and personally thank her.”

“Aw you’re too sweet.” He smiled his big goofy grin and walked over to his laptop. When I got to Zayn’s room I didn’t even bother knocking, “Hey how you holding up?”

“I’m great!” I giggled a bit,

“Are you sure?”

“Of course! I just got to kiss the girl of my dreams, who is taken mind you, and I didn’t get in trouble!” he squealed. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. “What’s so funny?”

“Well you just seem so happy about a kiss.”

“Just a kiss? No, no my dear. That was the best kiss ever! Even though you aren’t mine, I’m glad that was our last first kiss.”

“Haha you’re so cute.”

“I do try. Now let me be excited in peace for a minute?”

“Ook.” I laughed. I walked down to Niall who was still doing research. “How’s that research comin?” I asked as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I kissed his cheek, down his jawline, and his neck.

“Babe you’re makin it really hard to concentrate when doing that.” He smiled.

“Mmhmm.” I mumbled against his neck as I worked my way back up to his cheek, then I turned his face so I could kiss his lips. He gladly turned to face me and kiss my lips as I sat on his lap. When we finally broke apart I leaned my head against his shoulder as he began to type again. I started to fall asleep, and while I was sleeping I dreamed about Cadence. I miss him so much, but I really do love Niall. I just need my best friend back. In my dream Cadence and I were just like before. We were laughing and hanging out like old times, being goof balls. Then it flashed to the day we started dating, walking down the halls holding hands and giggling like two school kids thinking they’re in love. Then it flashed to the day he told me that he would wait for me. I just want him back, my best friend who I love with all my heart. Then I felt someone lightly shaking me,

“Maddy. Maddy love wake up.”


“I think I found our mystery girl.”

“Oh really?” I asked rubbing my eyes, “Who is it?”

“Well she says she knows you.”

“Well that narrows it down.” I chuckled.

“Do you know a girl by the name of Annie?”


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