Let Me Love You

Maddy meets her favorite band in the entire world, but in a way she never imagined she'd have to. What happens when one of the boys turns her world upside down, and her ex's plan didn't go as...well planned?
This is my first movella so comments are greatly appreciated!!!:)


2. Have you heard from her?

*Madison’s POV*

            At the end of the day I was going to Austin’s last period to talk to him. I was not ready for what I saw.

“How could you?!” I practically shouted.

 “Maddy- I-this…” was all he could say. He knew he had been caught. “Save it. I’m done” I said and walked away. Once I turned the corner my walk turned into a full on sprint, when I ran into someone. I looked up to apologize when I realized it was Cadence. He noticed the tears streaming down my cheeks and wiped them gently with his thumb and asked what was wrong. “Austin…” was all I could say. “I’ll tell you later.” and ran.

*Cadence’s POV*

What could he have done to her?! I had never seen her cry so hard in my entire life. I was pissed. I marched over to where Austin was and started yelling at him, “WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!” he looked so ashamed and looked to the ground. “You really messed this one up bro.” I said and walked away leaving him with his thoughts.

*Austin’s POV*

            What had I done? I just hurt the most important thing in the entire world to me. ‘You really messed this one up bro’. Those words just kept ringing in my ears. I needed to apologize.

-The next day-

I was trying to think of what to say when I saw her. But she didn’t show up. Not one person had heard from her. Not even Cadence. That’s when I realized how serious this was. After school I went to her house. I know I shouldn’t have but I had to make sure she was ok. I rang the doorbell and her sister answered.

“Hello. Is Madison home?” I asked. She shut the door in my face. Ouch. I rang again. She answered again and said “Go away and never come back.” She tried shutting the door again but this time I stuck my foot in it. “Do you even realize what you did to her? She locked herself in her room and refuses to come out. She won’t talk to anyone, not even Cadence. You hurt her. Now go away.” This time I let her shut the door. I hated myself. I hurt her and it killed me.

*Madison’s POV*

            My phone was buzzing nonstop. I didn’t want to talk. I just gave up. There was no point anymore. Until I got a text from Cadence,

Cadence: Maddy please answer me! im worried sick!

I replied Don’t worry im fine. I got a quick response,

Do u wanna go out on fri to get your mind off things???



-Two weeks later-

            I have been happily dating Cadence for 2 weeks. I feel safer than I did with Austin and I love it. It is extremely uncomfortable when I see him because he always mouths the words ‘I’m sorry’. I just ignore it. When I turned the corner I noticed Cadence and Austin fighting.

*Cadence’s POV*

            I can’t believe that he actually has the nerve to ask my PERMISSION to try and get her back. Wait. I laugh to myself, this would be an awesome opportunity to watch him crash and burn and feel all the pain that he caused MY Maddy.

“Fine.” I finally said. “But don’t come crying to me when she says no.” He thanked me then said that he had some brilliant idea to get her back.

“Man what’s that band she really likes?! Um. OH! One Direction! Is that is?”  I just glared at him. Is he crazy? To rent One Direction for a day, or any band for that matter, is just crazy expensive. Where the heck would he get the money?

“Uh yeah. That’s it. Why?”

“My dad has connections.” I just chuckled and said good luck.

*Austin’s POV*

            My brilliant idea that will make her mine again for sure! I’m going to rent One Direction for a day then they will take her out on a date! Its fricken fool-proof! I started making the calls and it was a done deal. I will get her out of class 2nd period on Friday and take her to the gym where they will sing to her, three songs of my choice ‘I Wish’, ‘Gotta Be You’, and ‘What Makes you Beautiful’. Then whatever other songs she wants to hear of course. She will love me again!


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