Next in Line

Anna is the Next in line for the throne. She has crush on Harry Styles, the international popstar. What happens when Harry is given to Anna as a Birthday present. Sixteenth birthday to be exact. When Harry is forced to marry her with he still keep his playerish ways or will he fall for Anna and only her.


1. Singing Lessons


I heard knocking on my door signaling for me to wake up for my singing lessons. This week I was working with Cher Loyd. We have been best friends for a while now and she agreed to come to Spain. Plus she wanted to she the kingdom. " Singing Lessons, start in ten minutes Anna so be ready." Cher's voice said through the door. " Okay" I grumbled and got up and put this on .

I quickly made my way down stairs, Cher was sitting at my piano. It was on the third floor. my bedroom was on the forth. I quickly hurried over and sat down next to her. She started playing the tune to 'Live while we're young' By One Direction. I quickly started after Liam's part. I ended with, Live while we're young.

Cher clapped. " That was really good Anna." Cher told me. " Thanks." I replied." Would you like to hang out at the One direction, concert downtown? Tonight at eight?" Cher asked me.

" Yeah I have front row tickets and they are coming here for a privet concert. What about you?" I said.

She chuckled, " Just front row and I'm hanging with Harry this weekend. Would you like to come?" I was genuinely surprised. Yes I was royalty, I had never actually met Harry in person. Niall, Liam and I hang out alot here, we are pretty good friends but I never met the rest. " Would you mind? Because I really don't like annoying people." Cher looked at me like I was crazy. " You don't annoy me until you say those things." Cher said a little annoyed." Oh, and my Birthday party is next week, I'm going to go get your invitation. You might want to bring it because it is your ticket in." She smiled and I ran  upstairs to my room. I grabbed the invitation and ran back down and handed it to her. She smiled again. "Bye Anna, I'll pick you up at seven thirty, okay?"

" Yes that's fine." I replied, then she walked out the door. 


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