Next in Line

Anna is the Next in line for the throne. She has crush on Harry Styles, the international popstar. What happens when Harry is given to Anna as a Birthday present. Sixteenth birthday to be exact. When Harry is forced to marry her with he still keep his playerish ways or will he fall for Anna and only her.


2. Concert

Anna's P.O.V

I waited for Cher to get here. It was 7:20 and I was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. Five minutes later, Cher knocked on my door. " Anna we have to go! We're going to be late!" Cher yelled through the door. "Be right out!" I yelled through the door. "Okay!" She replied. I ran downstairs, but before I could run out the door, James my butler caught me. Miss Anna, remember, next week, you are getting married. Anybody you want in particular? Or anything you want at your engagement party? he asked. I want One Direction, to play." I said still hurrying. 'Speaking of One Direction-." I cut him off. "Bye!" I yelled and me and Cher hurried out the door. We got in her car and drove to the concert. We ran to the back, and stopped to talk to Paul. "Hey Paul!" I said and hugged him. "Hey Anna!" He said. Then he lead me to the front row. Cher stayed behind to talk to Paul. I caught something that that they were saying. "Does she know?" That was Cher. "No." That was Paul. Then Cher came out and at next to me. "Who dosen't know something?" I asked "Nobody!" She yelled at me. " Mind your own business!" She yelled. I moved a few seats down, she tried moving after me, but a couple of girls piled into to the seats inbetween us. The concert started. They did, Live While We're Young, Up All Night and when it got to Gotta Be You, Harry pulled me onstage.

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