Amazon Amy

One normal day at ChaseVille Elementry, a strange little girl came a knocking on the door, but now she isnt strange anymore! She goes from being the new girl to being a homework helper and Jonica's nicer twin! Yeah Jonica's that evil step sister in Ella Enchanted. Amy enjoys her time, but you know change will come. But this time it will cost EVERYTHING.


1. New Girl

dear diary,

Today was a good start. Why did stupid little AMY have to join our school?


Right after Mrs. Cadwell handed out math homework, she also told the class a huge anouncement. " We have a new student class!" her name was Amy. Everyone was happy,except,Jonica. New student means storeis,intrest, then sooner or later, fame. That is how Jonica got started, but SHE wants to be hit. There was a knock at the classroom door. Amy was here. She told the classroom where she was from. " I came from the Amazon forest,but my home was right on the edge of the Amazon River." Her hair was black, and straight. She had beautiful tanned skin. To her eyes, everything was small. She imagined she was ina  hot air balloon, drifting away from school.

dear diary,

My school is great! I love my teacher and i already have 6 friends! But, Jonica. I better end this entry before this get ugly, and i shouldnt be a bad influence on my favorite pencil.


Amy also told about her best friend from the Amazon forest, Timara. "Back home, I had a bff, Timara. We would always play mancala, or fish supper. She gave me this necakalace in remeberance." She reached deep into her pocket. She stared st it, like it was telling a story. She sat down and held it against her chest. She cried, but silently.' ok class. Take out you science books for you Amazon test,' She said while grinning at Amy.



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