I got your back

Jus to let you know I will always have your back no matter what. If you need to talk to me email me at lollipoplov98@yahoo.com

Just to let you know I am not trying to hurt any feelings but I just recently heard about One Direction being hated on again. I am so sorry...nobody deserves hate. Everyone should have fun and live while they are young.


2. the hate is just terrible

Louis's POV

The hate is just terrible. I cant see my best friend like this. I mean they think that he is gay, he is not. Larry Stylinson is just a bromance that we have together. But he is being hated on for being gay?! Like seriously.

I logged on twitter and read the things that were being said. They were just terrifying. Some were death threats and some were just words. I know that he always wanted to be a guy that never cared much about what people have been saying about him and stuff, but this is just disasterous. I decided that I should post something:

' Guys please stop hating on @Hary_Styles he doesnt deserve this.'

I got instant replies:

'So I guess he came to you and told you. He is such a cry baby.'

'Sorry Lou!'

'Ugh now I have to hate on you?!'

I blocked the people that said the mean things and the one that apologised I just left. I think that she did that so I can follow her, but I didnt because she already was harassing my best friend.

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