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Just to let you know I am not trying to hurt any feelings but I just recently heard about One Direction being hated on again. I am so sorry...nobody deserves hate. Everyone should have fun and live while they are young.


10. lost

Sammi's POV

I ran out the door and down the street. I couldnt handle this anymore. I just couldnt. Not at all. It was late at night...and I was still walking down the street. When a car stopped next to me.

"Are you alright?" he asked while rolling his window down.

"Kinda. I dont mean to sound rude or anything...but who are you?" I asked him.

"I am Daniel. Do you need a ride anywhere?" he asked.

"No...im just going to walk around." I replied "but thanks for the offer." I continued.

"Come home with me, its the least I can do." he said smiling.

I sighed. "I have a boyfriend though." I said.

"Its alright. I bet you just need time away from him." he replied.

"Thanks. Oh I am Sammi by the way." I said while getting in the car with him.

"Thats my sisters name...but she went on with her boyfriend." he said.

"I-Its me?" I stuttered out.

"I missed you." he said and hugged me. Then we took off. I am like so happy that I am with Daniel and not some creep now...wait what about Harry? I need to talk to him. I took my phone out and called him.

"Babe! Where are you?"

"I am with my brother. Im sorry for-----" he cut me off

"You dont need to apologise. Where are you so I can pick you up?"

"I am going to be staying with my brother for the night...just to think about stuff."

"Ok give me a call when you wanna come back home."

Before I could say anything Daniel ripped my phone out of my hand and he slapped me.

"Help." was all I said before Daniel hung the phone up.

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