I got your back

Jus to let you know I will always have your back no matter what. If you need to talk to me email me at lollipoplov98@yahoo.com

Just to let you know I am not trying to hurt any feelings but I just recently heard about One Direction being hated on again. I am so sorry...nobody deserves hate. Everyone should have fun and live while they are young.


6. i will always love you

Sammi's POV

I seriously had no idea who they were. But I think I remember one of the guys. I heard pounds on the door along with yelling.

"SAMMI LET ME IN!" it was Harry.

"SAMMI PLEASE LET US IN!" that was Lou.

"SAMMI WE LOVE YOU!" that was Zayn.


"LIAM WHAT DID YOU DO?!" that was Niall.

I sighed and opened the door seeing Niall yell at Liam. I pulled Niall in and closed the door.

"What happend?" he asked.

"I need to talk to you." I replied.

"Ok. Talk." he responded.

"The one guy that cut me, looked familiar. He looked like the murder of my family." I replied.

"WHAT?!" he yelled.

"Shhhhhhhhhhhh!" I shushed him. He nodded.

"Sorry...its just you cant get hurt." he replied.

Just then the door knocked down and I saw Harry rush over to me.

"Its alright." he comforted me.

"Its not. The guy that cut me was also the guy that murdered my family." I snapped and started to cry.

"Your joking right?" he asked.

"I wish I was." I replied.

Then we heard a scream for help.

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