I got your back

Jus to let you know I will always have your back no matter what. If you need to talk to me email me at lollipoplov98@yahoo.com

Just to let you know I am not trying to hurt any feelings but I just recently heard about One Direction being hated on again. I am so sorry...nobody deserves hate. Everyone should have fun and live while they are young.


9. blah

Niall's POV

Just as Sammi's eyes closed the door was being broken down. I looked up and saw them. I saw Harry, Liam, and Louis.

"Where is Zayn?" I asked.

"He is talking to the police. Now lets go." Louis said.

I walked up to Liam and gave him a hug. I missed him so much.


Harry's POV

Sammi was asleep on Niall's chest. I instantly felt jealousy rush through my body. I ran up to Sammi and picked her up. She winced in pain.

"What did he do to you?" I asked.

She just lifted up her shirt a little and revealed 3 cuts. He is going to die.

"Oh my gosh..." I said in a hushed voice. Why would he do this to her?

I took her down where the police and Zayn was.

"What did he do to her?" Zayn asked.

"He cut her in the stomach 3 times." I replied and set Sammi down. She ran to Zayn. And he picked her up.

Jealousy came over me once again. I couldnt contain my jealousy anymore.

"Sammi you are going to be getting married soon and you are sitting there laying on someones chest then you are in the arms of someone else?!" I practically yelled.

"Hey mate calm down." Lou said to me.

"CALM DOWN?!" I yelled in his face.

Then I heard a cling on the ground. What have I done?!

"Im going to leave. Goodbye."I heard Sammi say then the door slammed.

This is all my fault. I cant believe she left me. But why? Oh duh me and stupid jealousy.

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