Was This A Mistake?

Harry wanted her. Rory wanted him. The problem? She'd never admit it.


2. This is real life, isn't it?

Rory didn't really know what happened next. Everything seemed to be some sort of dream. She was there, with them, showing them around her school. It was after they went to the of the classes. After she was supposed to go back to first period. Yet, there they all were and she was completely alright with that.

"So, what's your name, babe? I don't think I caught it before." Zayn asked, looking into her eyes. Not near her or in her general direction, at her.

"Uh, it's Ro-" She was cut off before she could even get her name out.

"Rory. She's said it like three times already." Harry snapped at Zayn. The sudden outburst had all the boys look at him, including Rory.

"Sorry, mate. Jeez." With a shake of his head, that was that.

They continued walking in silence in a very straight side-by-side line. It was Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn and then Rory. Honestly, she didn't care who she was by, everything was already too surreal that it'd be a miracle if she got anything better. Truth be told, miss Rory had a thing for guys with curls, if that gave any indication as to which boy she perferred. The only person to know her love for him- or them, in general- was Alyssa. To everybody else, she was a pop punk, hardcore music type girl. Nobody thought she'd listen to pop of any sort. Well, neither did she until a little group of five teenage boys came along. 

As they walked in silence, Rory was afraid that the lack of voices would create a weird atmosphere that nobody would break. In a sudden outburst, she said, "The ant can lift 14 times its bodyweight." She just continued walking without doing anything other than raising her eyebrows in affirmation. All the boys gave her quizzical looks as if she just said something completely ubsurd.

Shrugging, she gave a small smile. "What? I know a lot of facts." This caused for them to laugh and break the quiet.

"Tell us some more facts." Zayn more or less demanded. Rory saw that they were almost to the end of the first floor tour and the only other places to go was upstairs or to the auditorium.

"You can't just put me on the spot! I have no idea." She told them as she tried to think of an interesting one. None came to mind so she decided to just leave it at that.

"I'll ask you again later, don't worry." Zayn teased right when they got to the end. There was a big glass window showing the back of the school. There were groups of girls right outside the schools gates. Apparently one of them had their camera on zoom or binoculars because they started screaming and taking pictures. The boys just started laughing as they waved back. Rory stepped out of the bright sunlight and rested her shoulder on the wall, watching them. 

"C'mon, get out here." It took her a second to realize that she was being talked to, but when she did, her eyes opened in alarm. 

"Oh, no, that's alright." She responded to Zayn. 

"Don't be a baby!" Niall told her with a smile. Smiling back, Rory hesitantly stepped forward before being pulled into the group. 

Zayn's arm rest lightly around her side as he continued to wave at his fans- who had still not ceased their waving. "See, this isn't so bad is it?" He questioned, casting her a side smile that sent her heart into overdrive. 

"I guess not." Rory responded with a small smile of her own. The hand still on her waist tightened in only the slightest bit, but she was able to tell as he grabbed some more of her shirt in his hands. 

She wasn't quite sure exactly what was happening. All she knew was that she was with the band she loved and that one of them had his hand around her waist. As she began thinking about it, she remembered Perrie. And how Zayn had broken up with her less than two months ago. He had confessed that, although they did like each other, the relationship wasn't going to work out, but that they'd still remain friends. In that time, there had been multiple pictures of Zayn at or inside private clubs. Apparently, those weren't too good for his image, even if he was the 'Bradford bad boy'. Rory was surprised at herself for knowing so much, but then realized it's not hard to learn these things when you have a tumblr dedicated to them. 

"Mates, you think it's time to get out of here?" Zayn asked, peeking his head around Rory's to see the faces of his friends. Harry didn't look at him, but kept his head straight forward, jaw tensed. 

"Oi, Harry, you alright man?" He asked. The tone of his voice, though, made Rory think that he already knew the answer to that. 

"Just fine, thanks." Was his answer, ending the conversation. Zayn shrugged, turning his attention back towards her. 

"How much time do we have left before kids will come out?" 

Rory took out her phone, checking the time. 

"About ten minutes. I'm not sure you want to be out here when that happens." She told him honestly. There would probably be a mob of some sort. 

"Where can we go?" Louis asked, speaking up for the first time. 

"Well, we can go to the auditorium. It's really the only place where kids won't be for second or third period. Theater classes are the last three periods of the day." She told them as she turned around to start heading in that direction. Instead of taking his hand off her waist, Zayn let it glide across her back and rest on the the other side. As they began walking, Louis seemed a bit more interested in the conversation. 

"Do you take theater classes here? You seem to know when they are." It was an honest question, but she really didn't want to answer. One thing Rory hated was talking about the things she did. She felt that nobody really cared what she was saying and that she was talking about nothing interesting. She couldn't just not answer his question, though. 

"Uh, yeah. I do take theater." She confessed, hoping he'd drop the subject or at least stop asking her questions about it. Turns out neither of those things were going to happen. 

"Really? That's great! What kind?" Of course he'd ask what kind. And of course it had to be the musical kind. Cringing as she answered, Rory said, "Just musical theater." Louis went around the boys so that he was standing right next to her. 

"Musical, yeah? I love musical theater! Y'know, I was in my high schools production of Grease. It was really fun." 

Rory had to hold her tongue from saying she already knew that. Instead, she tried changing the subject. 

"Here's the auditorium." Motioning with her hands, she pointed to a set of double doors leading to the stage. There was no objection as she reached for the door; only when she tried holding it open. 

"Oh, that's alright, I can hold it." 

"I got it." 

Those two sentences were said at the same time. One of the voices was right next to here- the one with his hand around her waist. The other one was from the boy she fancied. Rory looked from Harry to Zayn, sensing they weren't too happy with each other in that moment. 

They seemed to know what each other was thinking because without any other words to one another, Harry spoke again. 

"Yeah, let me get this." Casting his dark haired friend one more glance before grabbing the door. Louis, Niall and Liam didn't dare say anything about the situation. 

"Uh, thanks, Harry." Rory told him, walking inside the room. She didn't really try to get away from Zayn by twisting her body when she crossed into the auditorium, but she was trying to get him to remove his hands from her waist. 

What is wrong with me! She thought, knowing full well that thousands of girls would kill to be in her position right then. She couldn't come to terms with having Zayn touch her if Harry couldn't do the same. There was no denying the fact that either boy was attractive, but Rory had never felt the connection with Zayn as she did with the mop of curls. What was she even thinking? She didn't know these boys. They didn't know her. After today, they'll all probably forget their trip to her school. Just because she felt a connection through their posters and video diaries, doesn't mean anything. 

"This is it." She said when they were all inside. Luckily, Zayn's grip on her had left, but he still stayed close. 

"This is lovely." Liam told Rory, causing the other boys to nod in agreement. As they walked up the aisle and towards the side stairs, she couldn't help but remember the last time she performed. It was 'Music Through the Decades' and the song she had sung was Don't Stop Believing by Journey. She loved the song so she had no problem with singing it. 

"Boys! I told you to be here right after the bell rang." A man said as he came out from the side stage. Rory cast a worried glance to her left, hoping they would have something to say to get them out of trouble. 

"I've heard no bell. What about you lads- have you heard a bell?" Louis asked. They all mumbled 'no' right when Rory realized they still had a few more minutes left. 

"Never mind that. Have you all decided the songs? We have to know the songs. Oh, I knew we shouldn't have left things to the last second. This happens every time-" 

"Hey, calm down. We're here on time and we've picked the songs out. Let's get started then, yeah?" Louis spoke again, causing the frantic man to stop his babbling. 

"Yes, yes. Very well. So- ah, who's this?" He questioned, turning his attention on the only female in the room. 

"This is-" Harry began. 

"This is Rory. She's been helping us around school." Zayn finished off, looking over at Harry for just a second to see his reaction. 

"Well she's a pretty little thing isn't she?" The man said, making the boys smile. "Which one of you picked her?" 

"Actually, she came up and volunteered." Liam answered, cutting off Zayn and Harry's voices. Just then, the bell went off. The man clapped his hands together. 

"Let's get started, shall we?" He asked, not waiting for an answer as he motioned for them to head up on stage. 

"Oh, won't you stay, dear?" She was asked. The boys turned around to see her answer. 

"Uh, yeah, sure." Rory said, not wanting to go back to class. Who would ever want to miss an opportunity like this. Plus, she could take pictures and videos to show Alyssa. In that moment, she didn't realize that she was shaking. Rory hoped that she hadn't been doing that the entire time. 

"Fantastic!" He exclaimed, looking over at the boys. "Go on, get ready." He shooed them away, but not before saying something inaudible to them. Adding a wink and a smile, he walked off stage with them. The bad thing was, Rory wasn't sure whether he had winked at Zayn or Harry. 

She sank down in one of the red velvet chairs placed in the middle of the room. Pulling out her phone, she prepared herself for what was about to happen. Fifteen minutes later, she thought they were never going to come out. No more than 30 seconds after that crossed her mind, notes began to play and the boys walked on stage.

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