Was This A Mistake?

Harry wanted her. Rory wanted him. The problem? She'd never admit it.


1. Introductions


Rory had the same dream over and over again. She was standing with her friend, but he was next to her, too. He kept brushing her arm and acted like nothing happened. Each touch he gave her sent butterflies soaring into her stomach. Even if it was only just a dream. Of course, right when he was about to do something daring and courageous, she woke up. It was involuntary, of course, but she still blamed herself for ruining a perfect moment.

With a long sigh, she hopped out of bed to go take a shower. After all, Rory needed to be clean for school. Starting her senior year was something she'd always looked forward to. The graduation, the cap and gown, the diploma, the works. It was always something that excited her because the next step would be college. Although other students dreaded that part of their life, she was anticipating it. Stepping into the hot water seemed to wake her up from any drowsiness. Fifteen minutes later, she was out, dressed, and ready to go.

As she was walking out the door, Rory hear her phone buzzing like crazy. Either somebody was calling her or her friend, Alyssa, was sending five million texts at once. Pulling it out, she saw it was the former; her friend texted her seve- eight times now. Her heart began to race as she read what they said.

6:35 am: Rory! They're here. They're really here. In our town. It wasn't a joke.

6:37 am: CODE RED, MAN, CODE RED. They really are going to come to our school.


6:45 am: I swear I will go into every single class just to find them.

6:47 am: I am not alright.

6:53 amI'm dying.

6:56 am: Please tell me you're getting these!


With shaking hands, Rory responded.

7:00 am: Alyssa. I can't breathe. This isn't happening. I'm on my way now. I'll be there in five. FOLLOW THEM. I'll call you when I get there. I seriously can't breathe right now.

She practically ran to her car and put it in gear, setting her purse in the passenger seat. Was it illegal to drive ten miles over the speed limit in a school zone? Rory sure hoped not because she just did it. She cut her wheel tightly to turn without losing much speed. If there were people in her way, they most likely would've been dead by now because she zipped into her parking space without even noticing the students around the lot. Of course, they were trying to get a peek at the boys. There were screaming girls everywhere, there was no way she could call Alyssa with that much noise.

Walking away, Rory pulled out her iPhone and hit the speedial number 2. Within the second ring, her friend picked up.

"I'm in the office. When the boys are done outside, they're coming here to figure out which classes they're going to go to. And to set up their performance. I told Miss Stach that I'm trying to get a schedule change. Hurry up and be quiet about it." Alyssa whispered through the other side before hanging up. 

Rory couldn't believe what her friend just said. There was a chance that she'd actually get to meet them. Them. The boys who haunted her dreams, her life, her every thought. With an unexpected smile on her face, she headed off in the direction of the front office, careful not to attract any attention. Very casually, her hand reached for the outside door which lead straight to the office. Rory felt like she was going to throw up, but she knew that that was going to have to wait until later.

Immediately, she spotted her friend. More often than not, they were seen as sisters. With their long, dark brown hair and tanned skin, they could've been twins, separated at birth.

"Oh my god. When are they coming in?" Rory whispered, trying not to set anybody off on a screaming fangirl experience.

"I heard they're coming in here at seven thirty." Alyssa responded, turning her head to look at the clock. "Fifteen more minutes. I know first bell has already gone off."

Rory's heart was pounding as fast as it would go. Her hands began to shake as she sat down in a seat near the corner. Miss Stach was at the front desk which was all the way over on the other side, hopefully she wouldn't notice that another student was in there.

Alyssa continued to act like she was looking through her schedule to find one that worked for her. It seemed to work pretty well until Miss Stach realized somebody else had come into the office without her knowing.

"Excuse me? What are you doing in here?" She asked Rory who was caught off guard by the whole thing.

"Uh, I'm helping Alyssa pick out her schedule." Getting out of the chair and walking towards her friend, she thought she could get away with it.

"I'm sure your friend is more than capable of chosing her own schedule. Now get to class." Miss Stach demanded with a swipe of her hand. Rory shot a look towards Alyssa, but there was really nothing she could do to help. With a small grimace, she fixed the purse on her shoulder and began to walk out, not realizing what time it was.

7:27 am. They came in through the side door. Rory stepped to the side of the office opening and just stood there, completely enamored by them. Her hands began to shake and she felt like she was going to puke.

7:28 am. They walked right past her and into the office. She didn't know what she was expecting to happen. Maybe a smile from one of them or a small nod. Something, anything, to show that they saw her and knew she was there. But, there was nothing. Apparently, her wildest dreams weren't going to come true.

She saw that they were speaking with Miss Stach who was most likely explaining to them which classes to go to and when they would be performing in the auditorium. Rory had no idea why they were here- had her school won a contest from a radio station or something? Hopefully, she'd find out the answer.

Alyssa made eye-contact with her and in that instant, Rory didn't care if she got in trouble. Marching inside the office, she went straight up to the front desk and said, "Miss Stach, I can show them the classrooms if you want. The school is really confusing." After she said that, she believed her heart did stop for a second. They now knew who she was. Even if she wasn't able to, they knew her. Her face, her voice, her stupidity for saying that.

Miss Stach gave her the evil eye, but let out a breath. "You're showing them the classrooms, got it? When you show them where they are, you're to report to first period, do you understand?" That moment was definitely one of the best moments of her life. The things that happened next were in slow motion. Rory nodded her head and turned her attention towards the boys. 

Niall, dressed in a plain white shirt and blue jeans. Liam, dressed in a red plaid shirt- of course, and black jeans. Louis, dressed in a blue button-downed shirt and khaki pants. Zayn, dressed in a long sleeved grey shirt and regular jeans. Finally, Harry, dressed in his infamous Ramone's shirt and black jeans. He probably couldn't have worn anything better to kill Rory's heart with.

"Alright, cool. Can I see the classes?" She asked, hands still shaking. As she took the paper, she tried to steady herself. Turning around to face them was like one of the many dreams she had. She'd be all the way across the room and turn around, only to find them looking at her with smiles. In real life, though, it doesn't work that way. Rory turned around and wasn't able to even look the boys in their face. She kept her eyes down or around the room the entire time.

"OK, then. Let's get a move on." Rory said, looking over at Alyssa who had a face filled with awe and some envy. She shot an apologetic look at her friend who just watched them leave the office. Because her hands were so shaky before, it now reached her entire body so she had to think with each step and try to stop it.

She hoped that the boys didn't notice her shaking. If they did, she'd never live that down. Rory could hear their footsteps behind her which made her imagination run wild. What if one of them starts talking to me. What if one of them touches me. What if one of them gives me a hug. With each thought, it grew more and more intense until she was at the point of What if one of them pulls me into the janitor's closet and we make-out.

With no word from any of them, they reached the first classroom in a minute. Rory stepped out of their way as she said, "Stop number uno." As they peered inside the classroom, a shout from a girl came through the door.

"I guess we better go in now." Liam said to the boys with a smile. They all nodded in agreement as the door was opened and the sound of screaming girls filled her ears. Rory thought they were going to go in without any of them saying a word to her, but, she was wrong.

"You speak Spanish very well." Harry told her with a smirk as he walked in the door and closed it behind him. That was it. That was the moment she died and went to heaven. That's what it felt like, anyways. She just stood in the same spot, well after he had spoken to her.

He talked to me. Harry talked to me. Him. He. Harry. Ah.

Thoughts raced through her head, but she was still unable to move. She didn't really have a reason to move, though. She had to show them the rest of the classrooms. The last thing she really heard before a bundle of screaming girls went off again was, "Hi, we're One Direction."

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