The Difference A Decade Can Make (Louis Tomlinson S/A for LynnieTomlinson)

Louis and Lynnie have grown up together but haven't always seen eye-to-eye, can a decade really make much difference?


1. The Difference A Decade Can Make


5 years old. 

Today we did some colouring and you drew a picture of me; I hit you because you drew my eyes really, really, really big like some kind of Alien or monster. My Mummy shouted at me and that made me really sad but you gave me your red sweets so that I’d be happy again and it worked because red sweets are my favourite. Even though you can’t draw and you have silly hair - I think you’re my best friend. 

I drew a picture of you today, but I couldn’t get it right. You have the best eyes I’ve ever seen so I drew them first but I didn’t have a lot of room for the rest of your face. You went mad at me and hit me on my bad arm so your Mum came in and shouted out at you - at first it made me feel a bit better because you shouldn’t have hit me! But then you started to cry and I didn’t like that so I gave you the rest of my red sweets. 

8 years old. 

I’ve fallen out with Louis, for good this time. He let me play on his new drum kit (the shiny red one he had for Christmas) and just because I accidentally poked a hole in that really thin stuff he called ‘skin’ (even though it’s nothing like actual skin) he went really mad at me and pushed me. My Dad said that boys that hit girls are really bad, so I cried and told his Mum, then she told him to go to bed and the Dad came to pick me up and take me home. I hate Louis Tomlinson. 

Lynnie got mad at me because I was trying to teach her out to drum and she couldn’t do it, so she stabbed the drumstick right through the skin and I got so mad I pushed her. Mum shouted at me to go to bed and later when Dad came home he shouted at me too. I’m going to apologise to Lynnie tomorrow, I’m bigger than her, pushing her was really nasty. 

12 years old. 

Please God, let the earth open and swallow me whole. Nothing ever goes my way. Nothing. Sarah (my supposed best friend) told Louis Tomlinson that I fancy him! Which is completely NOT TRUE. But even worse than that, she told him I fancied him and he LAUGHED! Like my feelings are some kind of joke to him? Not that I have any feelings for him. He’s a complete ASS, but if I did have feelings for him and he laughed then that would be even more embarrassing. I can’t believe I used to be his friend; maybe he had a complete personality transplant and turned into a crap person? Or maybe I’ve grown up and realised that he’s nothing but a stupid ass with stupid hair AND I might tell everyone about that one time he cried at The Lion King - his friends wouldn’t find him ‘so cool’ then. 

Sarah told me that Lynnie fancies me, which I don’t believe at all - we fell out and haven’t spoken since we were kids, that was AGES ago! I mean don’t get me wrong, she’s fit, everyone thinks it - but she doesn’t even like me as a friend let alone like me as anything else! 

14 years old. 

I have a boyfriend! He’s so fit and so cool and his names Brad. Brad. Brad. Brad. Brad. Brad. I even love his name! I love him. I know that I’ll be with him forever; I’m going to be Mrs. Lynnie Reynolds. That sounds SO good. I think my signature will be all swirly and big and like ‘LR’ maybe I’ll draw a little star on the sticky out thing on the ‘R’. Louis ‘I - use - so - much - hair - gel - Boots - have - to - order - a - special - extra - trolley - load’ Tomlinson has a girlfriend too, but she’s one of those super-skinny, super-thick, peroxide blond girls that boys are strangely attracted to. 

Dear God, I’m in a relationship with a girl so dumb she makes Harry look like a MENSA member. I would dump her, which is what I’ve been trying to do all week, but Lynnie has a new boyfriend and I feel like she’s trying to make me jealous. I also feel like it’s kind of working...

16 years old.

I’m glad I decided to stay single and knuckle down with school work this year, relationships are too much hassle anyway - plus I managed to get the grades I wanted and maintain cheerleading like a pro! It’s a step on the ladder I suppose - I researched that it will take 6 years to get where I want to be. 2 years at college and then 4 in University working towards my bachelors degree in journalism and then I’m fully qualified. Simple! I could get used to this career minded, anti-relationship way of life. I saw Louis Tomlinson’s Mum in Tesco this morning, she spoke to me which was nice... told me that Louis was starting a band with 4 guys from school. Good luck to him. 

I think there’s room on the music market for my new band; I’m not sure which music genre we’d fall into... maybe pop. Maybe... Maybe not... Mum saw Lynnie in Tesco and apparently she asked how I was. Note to self: get back in touch with her. 

20 years old. 

A thick brown envelope landed with a dull thud on Lynnie’s doormat, it took her a few seconds to actually react and then a few seconds more to move; it was winter time and she was suffering with the remnants of a cold. 

She dragged herself up from the warmth of her sofa and bent down to pick up the envelope. The envelope was plain apart from her address in scraggly handwriting and a‘postage paid’ first class stamp. She slid her index finger under the fold and emptied the contents into her free hand, various red coloured sweets fell into her hand, strawberry laces, cherry bombs, cherry drops and lollipop's... all red in colour. Then finally a note....

Hey Lynnie, 
Isn’t it weird that, despite it being over a decade since we’ve been friends, I still remember your address - post-code and all? 
I have no idea how to word this; it sounds a little pathetic considering that I haven’t spoke to you in years... 
But lately I’ve been thinking about you, A LOT and I don’t even know why. Maybe it’s because Mum mentioned she saw you again... I don’t know. Point is, I miss you Lynnie. 
Remember when we were kids and I gave you my red sweets to make you smile? Well, here they are again - this time I hope they make you remember too. 
I’ll understand if you don’t want to see me but if you do, give me a call... 
Love, Louis x

With a slight smile playing on her lips, she picked up her phone...

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