Me, My Love, and Harry Styles

Louis and I were at the peak of happiness. We loved each other more than anything. Nothing and no one could come between us. Except for the fact that Louis isn't the only one who loves me. How will Skye come to realize that two best friends love her, and that she can't have both best friends? Which friend will she choose? When she does choose, what will happen to the other friend? This is the sequel to Infinite Love. Enjoy! xx
Sorry for the lack of adding chapters. I have been extremely busy with school work and I haven't been able to continue writing. I'm not sure yet if I'll be able to continue writing or not because I'm not quite sure yet how to continue it... I'll write when I get a chance and if I come up with something. Thanks!


2. I Love You.

"Babe, wake up." I heard Louis talking to me and shaking me. I opened my eyes. "Have a nice sleep beautiful?" Louis asked me. I smiled and kissed him. "Do I have to go and see Simon today?" I asked him. He sat there and thought for a minute. "I believe so." He answered. I got up and used the bathroom. After I was done, I walked back out to our bedroom to find Louis passed out. The way he was laying with one leg off the bed, the other on, his arms spread out like airplane wings, and his head facing the ceiling while on his back, made me giggle. I walked to my dresser and picked out black skinny jeans, a white dress shirt, and a navy blue blazer. I walked back to the bathroom and took a five minute shower. I walked out of the bathroom with my hair down, dry, and strait, while wearing the outfit I had picked out. I noticed Louis wasn't in bed anymore so I went exploring our flat. I examined the living room; no one in there. I stopped in my tracks. The aroma of eggs caught me off guard. I made my way to the kitchen to find Louis doing his best to make an omelet. I let out a hysterical laugh and made my way to him. I looked in the pan to find him looking at me alarmed. He looked looked at my feet an made his way up to where he was looking at my face. I watched as his lips curled into a smile. "Absolutely lovely. Sexy." He said. I wrapped my arms around his waist and we stood there while he continued to attempt an omelet. After he was done, there was no omelet on the plate. Just scrambles eggs. I laughed. "Hey sexy lady!" He mimicked from the song Gangnam Style. "I tried my best." He added. He slid the plate in front of me with one fork on the plate. I shook my head. I got up and grabbed another fork from the drawer. I handed it to him as he smiled. While we were eating, my phone went off. As it rang, Louis started singing to it. It was Live While We're Young by his band. I laughed and answered the phone as I walked outside. "Hello?" I asked. "Skye, are you coming to sign the papers?" Simon asked me. "Shit!" I shouted. "I'm on my way." I said as I ended the call. I ran inside, grabbed my Toms, my car keys, and gave Louis a big kiss. "I gotta go babe." I told him. "We're gonna be with Ed today so if you call me and I don't answer it's probably because we're rehearsing." "Okay. I love you." I called to him as I ran out the door. "Love you too babe!" He yelled back. I jumped in my Porsche, which is identical to Louis', and was singing to One Direction on the way to Simon's office. When I arrived about 45 minutes later, I jumped out of the car and bolted into the building. I walked into Simon's office fashionably late. "Good morning Simon." I greeted him professionally. "Good morning." He replied. I sat down in the chair directly across from him, and he pushed papers in my direction. I picked up the pen that was laying on his desk and signed where I was told. "How are things with Louis?" He asked me. "Fantastic." I replied smiling. "Good." He said while taking the papers and dismissing me. I left his office and got in my car. I drove to the studio where the boys and Ed Sheeran were rehearsing. I parked and made my way to the recording room. I was greeted with kisses on the cheek from the other members of One Direction and Ed Sheeran. Louis was being recorded. I walked to the window where he was being recorded and tapped on the sound-proof glass. Pointless. I walked over to the microphone that was connected to the recording room. "Babe." I said into the microphone while Dave, who was sitting in the room with me, stopped the music. Louis looked up and smiled. He came out of the room and hugged me. "How'd it go?" He asked me. "Good." I replied. We walked back to the other boys and we talked and talked. I don't quite remember the different conversations, but that was the last thing on my mind. The only thing I was thinking about, was Louis squeezing my hand.
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