Me, My Love, and Harry Styles

Louis and I were at the peak of happiness. We loved each other more than anything. Nothing and no one could come between us. Except for the fact that Louis isn't the only one who loves me. How will Skye come to realize that two best friends love her, and that she can't have both best friends? Which friend will she choose? When she does choose, what will happen to the other friend? This is the sequel to Infinite Love. Enjoy! xx
Sorry for the lack of adding chapters. I have been extremely busy with school work and I haven't been able to continue writing. I'm not sure yet if I'll be able to continue writing or not because I'm not quite sure yet how to continue it... I'll write when I get a chance and if I come up with something. Thanks!


1. Happy Anniversary!

"C'mon babe!" Louis cried as he grabbed my wrist and pulled me through the doorway. "Wait," I yelled, "my coat!" Before we made it to Louis' Porsche, I was drenched from head to toe. "Get in!" He yelled. I staggered into the car and closed the door after me. "What's the rush babe?" I asked Louis while laughing. "It's a surprise!" He answered with his sexy-devilish facial expression. I don't think he realizes that I remembered our sixth month anniversary. Louis started the car and we drove off. He turned on the radio and Live While We're Young had just started. "And have a celebration, a celebration. The music up the windows down!" We both sung perfectly. I stopped singing hoping he would continue. I looked at him and smiled. "He has such a beautiful voice." I thought to myself. I reached over and grabbed his hand. He looked over at me for about two seconds and gave his attention back to the road. I leaned over and pecked his cheek. He turned down the radio. "I love you Louis." I told him. "I love you Skye." He replied. "Tonight let's get some, and Live While We're Young!" We both yelled. We laughed hysterically. We pulled into the arcade parking lot and it felt like my good thoughts were flushed down the toilet. Harry's wife Juliet was hit in the head and dragged to the ditch across the road about eight months ago. She's well now but it was tragic. Two months later, Louis and his ex girlfriend Eleanor broke up. They refused to tell why so no one knows except for them. Not even the other members of One Direction. We parked and Louis told me to get out. I obeyed and walked over to him. He grabbed my hand and we walked into the building. It was dark. I couldn't see anything. When we left the house the sun was setting so its dark outside. I can't rely on the moon to give me enough light to see. Louis instructed me to keep walking. It felt like we walked around the building three times before he told me to stop. "What's going on?" I asked Louis. "SURPRISE! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY LOUIS AND SKYE!" Screamed the members from One Direction, The J Sisters, and other friends and family. I could barely see anything when the lights flickered on because they were so bright. Louis and I smiled and giggled a bit before we hugged each and everyone person in the room. "Why the arcade? Juliet agreed?" I whispered into Louis' ear. "Not sure, and I guess so." He whispered back. While everyone went and socialized, Louis and I found a booth to sit in. When we sat, I wrapped my arms around Louis and kissed his lips. I felt him kiss back. He smiled, so I had to smile because his smiles were contagious. We sat there cuddling until Harry came and joined us. "Happy anniversary!" He congratulated us. "Thanks." We answered. "You know, you guys are truly the perfect couple." He complimented us. "Thanks Harry." We answered. "You guys don't look very happy. Are you not having a good time?" He asked. "No, no, we're having a lovely time Harry." Louis confirmed. "Good. So what do you two have planned for tonight?" "Movie, cuddling, and more cuddling." Louis answered. "Sounds fun." Harry replied. "Hey you guys should sing for us." Harry said. Like One Direction and the J Sisters, I was on the X Factor as a single contestant. I finished in fourth place, but I have not been signed to any record labels as of right now. The season I auditioned during ended about two months ago. I'm not worried though, I know if I continue to work hard, that someone will notice me and decide to sign me. I just have to be patient. We heard the door in the front of the arcade building open and close. We all turned and watched who had entered. It was Simon Cowell, the boys' manager. "Hello." He greeted us. The boys got up and welcomed him with hugs. "Good news." He said. We all turned and looked at each other. I watched as all the heads in the room turned towards me. I had a confused look on my face. I saw Simon nod in my direction. My jaw dropped. Simon started laughing. I got up and gave him a big hug. "You're signing me?" I asked. He nodded. I started laughing and jumping up and down. I hugged Simon again and practically tackled Louis. The boys, girls, an other guests congratulated me with hugs and kisses. Before he left, Simon said that I needed to go see him at his office tomorrow to sign some papers. I'm going to be traveling the world doing what I can only imagine myself doing. My dreams are coming true!
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