Forever is now *Sequel to Only Us!!!!*

This is the sequeal to Only Us.* If you haven't read that. Go read it before this book! :)
Summer Bail is now in England. But will someone makes a decision that doesn't go to good. Will she stay or will she leave. Will someone else pick her up when she falls. Is Harry going to be the father figure or will someone else take the role as well. Are her friends going to be there with her. Or will she struggle alone. . Will someone enter her life and change it? Findd out!!!! Find out in Forever is now!!!


50. YES!

Summer's P.O.V

  "I love you..." He smiled. "Harry I have to tell you something.." I trailed off. He looked me in the eyes. His emerald eyes were killing me. "What?" He asked in a sincere voice. "Last night I ...slept with Louis..." I said holding back tears. He looked at me, then smiled. "We aren't together...So it's ok." He said. I knew he didn't mean it...

   "I don't care about the past. I don't care, if you fucked a boy. We weren't together. We aren't. Not yet." He giggled. "So you don't care?" I asked stepping towards him. "No. I want you now. I always have!" He laughed. "Ok.." I blushed. He got down on his knee. I was in love...He is going to ask me to marry him...we are going to be together...forever.

    "Summer, I love you forever. I always have and always will. You mean the world to me. We have a baby together...Will you marry me?" He asked, opening a box, and showing me a ring. "Harry, I will!" I screamed. He smiled then hugged me tight. "We are going to be together..Forever.!" He kissed me on the cheek. This is what I wanted. To be with him. I don't want anything else. Only him!

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