Forever is now *Sequel to Only Us!!!!*

This is the sequeal to Only Us.* If you haven't read that. Go read it before this book! :)
Summer Bail is now in England. But will someone makes a decision that doesn't go to good. Will she stay or will she leave. Will someone else pick her up when she falls. Is Harry going to be the father figure or will someone else take the role as well. Are her friends going to be there with her. Or will she struggle alone. . Will someone enter her life and change it? Findd out!!!! Find out in Forever is now!!!


15. Kiss me


                                                 Summer's P.O.V

 After our food came, we sat there talking. "Are you ready?" Louis asked me. I nodded. We got out and paid. We went out to the parking lot. "Thanks for coming, Dani. Come see me anytime." I hugged her. She smilied. Then got in her car. "It looks like it's going to rain." Louis said. We walked to our car. "Really, Rain in Engalnd. Never!!" I teased.  He laughed. "Why does it have to be so cold here!!!???!!" I asked. He laughed. We pulled away.

   We got to my house. "Thank you." I hugged Louis. He smilied. "Wanna come in for a second?" I asked. "No, I-" "Come on. Please?" He smilied. He walked me to the door. It started to pour rain. "Oh my gosh!!" We opened the door. The lights were off. "Where is Harry? He usually keeps thr kitchen lamp on." Louis walked in and came to the kitchen. "Love, you have a note." He pulled it from the fridge.

He handed the note to me it read :

     Hey love. There is some food in there, I know you ate, but in case. There is some water in there too. Zayn asked me to hang with him. Be home no later than 10p.m. Ok love. See you very soon!!

 This isn't part of the chapter. But I think this part goes better if you are listing to Kiss me by The Fray. It helps a lot with the mood. Please go listen to it and read the rest of the chapter!!!*

 I couldn't believe this. I crinckled the paper. "What?" Louis asked. I slid down the wall. "He can go out with Zayn, but not with us. I mean yeah he needs guy time no doubt. But It was only dinner. Zayn never asked me to go. Why?" Louis sat beside me. He put his arm around me. "Don't worry. I know everything is hard. I know how it feels when someone you love, goes away." I looked up. He was talking about me. "Louis I am so sorry." He looked down, "You know, it's fine." I pulled his chin up. I crested his face with my hand. "No it's not. I am sorry. I never realized how much I hurt you. I am sorry." He looked down. He pushed my hand away.

"You don't how much I wanted to die, when you said you wanted him instead of me. You don't know how much it killed me when you talked about him, or when you said you were going to live with him. Summer....I couldn't be in the same room with you without my heart stopping. Everytime I see you, I can't help but get weak in the knees. When I see you with Harry. I wish that was me. When he holds you, when you smile. I wish I was the one making you smile and the one holding you. The one you go to bed with. I wish the first thing I see in the morning is your smile. I don't, I see empty space in my bed. My heart, doesn't know how to love. Summer, I want you. I always did, from the moment Harry pointed you out at the concert. From when you told me off. All the time. Your all I can think about."

 I had no idea he felt like that. I didn't know what to say. I was in shock. I moved closer to him. "Louis, I am really sorry. I really am!!" He looked in my eyes. He looked down at my hand. He saw both rings. I could feel the tension surrounding him. "There is so much I want to say to you. But I don't know how." I said. He looked at me and shook his head. "You don't get it do you?" He asked. He stood up.  "Louis" I stood up. He was going to walk out of the door. I looked at him. "Please." He smilied, not a good one. A sad smile. I grabbed his hand. I pulled him down the hall. I opened the back door. I walked to the back yard. The rain hitting me more every step I took. He let go. "Are you crazy it's raning." He yelled from the door frame. "Since when have you done something, that wasn't crazy!!" I asked. He smilied. This time a happy one. "Well?" I asked. He ran out to where I was. "You're crazy!" I laughed. "I guess we are two insane people out here then. Right?" I teased. He looked at me. The rain getting us both soaked. "It's ok to be crazy sometimes though." He leaned towards me. He put his arms around my waist. I put my arms around his neck. Our foreheads against the others. I smilied. He was smiling. I leaned up. I pressed my lips against his. My heart skipped a beat. I smilied. Still kissing him. There was something here. With us. What was it? I was kissing the rain. He was the one who cared all along. He loves me. Someone loves me. That was what I wanted. Right?

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