Forever is now *Sequel to Only Us!!!!*

This is the sequeal to Only Us.* If you haven't read that. Go read it before this book! :)
Summer Bail is now in England. But will someone makes a decision that doesn't go to good. Will she stay or will she leave. Will someone else pick her up when she falls. Is Harry going to be the father figure or will someone else take the role as well. Are her friends going to be there with her. Or will she struggle alone. . Will someone enter her life and change it? Findd out!!!! Find out in Forever is now!!!


5. It's a...


   Summer's P.O.V


"You ready?" Harry asked throwing our bags in the trunk of our car. I locked and shut the door. "Yup." I called. He grabbed the keys and he got in the car. "How did you get time off?" I asked him. He smiled. I sat down. "I asked for 4 weeks." I smiled. "I have pregnancy leave!!" I said. He smiled and He started to drive to the doctors. "I will still do work though." I turned on the radio. "That was One Direction's new song, Live while we're young!" The radio guy said. "Baby, LWWY made on the radio, you guys are amazing!" I kissed his cheek, since he was driving. We were listing to the radio. He sang along, It was so cute to watch him. He was making funny faces and I was laughing. We pulled in to the doctor’s office. I was nervous. "Breathier!" He cried. "Ok, let's go dad!" I laughed. “Dad! That’s a cute name for you!!" "Ha-ha Mom!" He ran down the parking lot. "Harry!!!!" I said as he came back. He waited for me. A small girl about 11 walked out the doctor’s office, Harry held the door for her and her Mom. "Oh My God!! It's HARRY STYLES!!!!!!!" She shouted. "Hi love." He said. "Can I have a hug?" I walked up and smiled. "Yes!" He said giving her a hug. "You are so lucky!!! I love you!!!" She cried hugging me. "Meet me in the car hinny." He mom called. "K" She replied. "Why are you guys here?" I smiled. "Sweetie. I am pregnant." I said. She screamed. "Shhhhh!" You’re the first fan to know!" Harry called. She giggled. "Well got to scoot. Bye!!!" She ran off. Awe she was cute. "Awe I want to be in a band. Those little girls are so cute. I walked in the lobby. I sat down. I was sitting next to a lady with a toddler. It was cute. "Awe what's her name?" I asked her. She smiled. "Sofia" "Pretty, I am two months pregnant." I told her. She smiled. “You won't regret it. She is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me!!" I smiled. Then Harry sat down next to me. He had his arm around me. "This boyfriend?" She asked. "Fiancé!" I said. Showing her the ring. She smiled. "Beautiful!" She turned back around. "You are so pretty." He said staring at me. I smiled. "Harry...." I said. Then a nurse called. "Summer Bail?" I got up and grabbed Harry's hand and he followed. "Follow me." She led us to a room. She walked out.


  "How's everyone?" The doctor said walking in. "Ready to see your baby?" She asked. I was nervous. I had a little itty bittty bump, nothing much though. She laid me down. "Harry." He walked by me and held my hand. She rolled my shirt up. "Little bump!!" She said. She rubbed this cold gel on my stomach. "You ready for the ultrasound??" She asked. I nodded. She grabbed this told and she showed me a screen. She put it on my stomach. She moved it around a bit. "There, it is!" She said. I smiled. "Summer!" Harry called. I was almost in tears. She showed us where its head and things were. "You see that?" She pointed to something on the screen. "Yeah." I said. I had no idea what she was talking about. "It's a girl!!!!" She said. Tears rolled down my face! "Summer, we are having a girl!!!" Harry's grip was way too tight!!!!!! I smiled. She took some pics of it. She said they would get mailed to me. I smiled. We cleaned up and, we got checked out.  She said it was healthy. I was so happy. I couldn't wait!!


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