Forever is now *Sequel to Only Us!!!!*

This is the sequeal to Only Us.* If you haven't read that. Go read it before this book! :)
Summer Bail is now in England. But will someone makes a decision that doesn't go to good. Will she stay or will she leave. Will someone else pick her up when she falls. Is Harry going to be the father figure or will someone else take the role as well. Are her friends going to be there with her. Or will she struggle alone. . Will someone enter her life and change it? Findd out!!!! Find out in Forever is now!!!


25. Beautiful Voice!

                                                 Harry's P.O.V

 I couldn't believe it. She gave me both rings. Both? Was she done? Was this it? I couldn't think. I could only go to bed. Everything running through my mind. We had an interview tomorrow. I needed some sleep.

                                                   Summer's P.O.V

 I was sitting on Louis's bed. He was singing his new songs. I was working on my work. Since I left. I wanted to work even though I never had to. I was working on scheduling and other super boring things. "Tomorrow. Interview. 9 am Radio. Then a T.V interview at 11. Then a studio check and then rehearsal afterwords. Ok?" I said to Louis. He smiled. "Will you dress me?" He asked. I laughed. "I am tired. Night." I got up and went to walk out. He ran up to me and pulled me to the ground. "Be careful. I am having a baby. Come on!" I teased. He smilied. "Shouldn't there be a bump?" He asked. I laughed. "Yup." We sat down. On the ground for the rest of the night.

   It was the next day. I woke up. Louis wasn't by me. I stood up, I slept on the floor. I walked down stairs. I smelt breakfast. I walked in th kitchen. All the guys were there. Even Harry. "GOOD MORNING!" Zayn shouted. I was mad at him. Sort of. I don't know. I mean it wasn't his fault. I guess not. I looked away. He grabbed me. "VAS HAPEEENNIINNNNN?" He yelled. "Shut up." I teased. He picked me up. "Fooooood." I cried. Niall grabbed me. "Here love. Over here. way from the evil Zayn!!" I smilied. Liam hugged me. I hugged him. "Don't make me go!!! I wanna sleep." I cried in his chest. He laughed. "Too bad. If we do then you do too!!" I lauged. "What were you doing that made you stay UP ALL NIGHT!!"  Zayn teased. I slapped his arm. "Shut up. You don't have sex when your preggers." I snapped. I sat on the couch. "So if you wern't pregnant. You would have had sex." Harry asked. His face was stone. "No. I am done talking about this." Niall threw some toast at me. "So Lou. Summer was in the Piano room. She played your piano? Are you going mad?" Liam asked. I laughed. "She can sing. She has an amazing voice." Louis said. All the boys looked at me. "Noo!" I hid my face. "Come on. Sing for them. Please??" Louis picked me up ad opened the piano room. "I'll play and you sing." He said. I smilied. Th boys walked in. He started to play The Fray. How to save a life. I sang along to it. I felt so in the music. I didn't even realize that the boys were there. I was lost in the piano. The way Louis's fingers moved made me feel good. The perfect song. He stopped playing. I didn't even realzie he stopped I was so into it. My eys were closed. I kept singing. I finished the  song. I looked up. Louis and everyone were wide eyed. They were in awe. "I stopped the piano, a while ago." Louis said. I felt sick. They didn't say anything. "You are amazing." Liam said. They all agreed. "Beautiful voice. How come you hide that thing?" Niall asked I smilied. "Don't feel like I am good enough. I mean I am bestfriends with amazing artists and I am just....There." They all hugged me. I couldn't believe they actually thought I was good!!

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