Forever is now *Sequel to Only Us!!!!*

This is the sequeal to Only Us.* If you haven't read that. Go read it before this book! :)
Summer Bail is now in England. But will someone makes a decision that doesn't go to good. Will she stay or will she leave. Will someone else pick her up when she falls. Is Harry going to be the father figure or will someone else take the role as well. Are her friends going to be there with her. Or will she struggle alone. . Will someone enter her life and change it? Findd out!!!! Find out in Forever is now!!!


11. Anwser the ?


  Summer's P.O.V


  I was done skyping Zayn and I walked upstairs. I opened the door quietly. I lay down on the bed. Harry was in the bathroom. I walked up to the door. He was on the phone. I knew it was Liam. I could tell by the way Harry was talking. He always talked to Liam like that. And he was on speaker. I didn't think Harry knew I was back. He sounded ice he was crying.


Harry- I don't know. I mean I love her so much. I can't I don't know.


Liam- What did she say?


Harry- I didn't tell her yet.


Liam- Mate, you have to tell her. She will understand. I mean she loves you!


Harry- No...Doesn't feel like it. Seems like she would rather be with Zayn than me.


Liam- She doesn't


Harry- You doesn’t know how they talk on the phone. What he says and the way their voices sound. They sound like Summer and I when she loved me.


Liam-Come on, don't worry. She picked you. You are her fiancé. Also the father of her baby.


Harry- I know. I got to go. She will probably be back soon I mean it has been long enough.


  Then they hung up. I couldn't believe Harry thought I didn't love him anymore. I slid down the side of the wall. I let out tears. I cried, and cried. He was wrong. I loved Harry, not Zayn. He walked out of the bathroom. My face in my knees and I was crying. He bent over. "Babe? Are you ok?" He asked. I didn't move. "Summer. Tell me." He sat down by me he held me close. I pushed him away. I stood up and walked over to the other side of the room. "Why...How?" I asked. He had a puzzled face on. "What do you mean?" He asked. I looked at my rings. The ones Harry got me. "Why?" I asked. He walked by me. "Why do you love me?" I asked. "Sum-" "Answer the question Harry." Tears still streamed down my face. "Summer. I love everything about you. The way you smile at me. The life in your gorgeous blue eyes. The way you laugh. The way you dance in the car. The way you never want to wake up in the morning. Most of all the way you are so strong. You have been through the most shit! You hold it together like nothing ever happened. It blows my mind. Summer, when I looked at you at our concert. My heart stopped. I couldn't stop but look at you. You are my everything." His arms were now around me. "Then why?" I asked. He shook his head. "Why what?" He asked. "Then why do you think I love Zayn more than you. Why would you ever think that?" I asked. He pulled away. "Yah, I heard the convo on there. It broke my heart Harry. I died. I would never love someone else like I love you. Harry I would do everything for you. I stayed with you. If I wanted Zayn I wouldn't be here right now!!" I cried. He hugged me. "I thought-" I cut him off. "That's what happened. You thought." I teased. "I love you so much." He hugged me tight. "We good." I asked. He smiled. "We were never bad."


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