Deleted scene from girl heart boy

Deleted scene for the girl heart boy completion, enjoy!


1. After hours

Leaving Ash with Will might have not of been the smartest decision of mine, but at least it might stop her from humping Joe's leg. As I go through to the room that will directed me to, I can't see Joe through the thick wall of cigarette smoke. The smoke goes right through to my lungs and I begin to breath more heavy than before. Feeling quite faint, I walk out the room gasping for clean air. I lean against a wall and slowly settle my body on the ground. I look up to see Ash and Will heading up stairs. "Why can't she just stick to one boy friend?" I whisper to myself, making sure no one here's my ranting. I keep adding to my long list of issues when someone grabs my arm and pulls me to my feat. "Your looking a bit tipsy..." It's Joe.
"Oh, hi."
"Don't sound to happy to see me..."
"'s just...the smoke."
"I know...we could go upstairs?"
"Haha, in you're dreams Joe."
"Just a suggestion..."
"Fine." Joe escorts me up the stairs. I get a few funny looks and to be honest I would be giving myself funny looks to. How drunk must Joe think I am? We go into, what looks like the bathroom or a wet room. I go to turn the switch on, but Joe traps my arm onto the wall with force. He kisses me softly. I don't know how I could like this kiss, we have been best mates for so long! How could I want to kiss him back? "Don't do this Joe. Don't wreck what we have!"
"I know you want it to! I have liked you more than a mate for ages, I can't see how you haven't noticed?"
"I have. That's why I needed to talk to you." He releases my arm. I feel almost sad that he has. I don't know if what I'm feeling now is guilt, lust, love or jealousy, but all I know is I am about to kiss him.
The next 20 minutes are a blur. A beautiful blur. We get up of the floor, I button up my shirt and place my shorts back on my body, Joe gets dressed to. We kiss again before we leave the bathroom. Heading back down stairs, everyone had left. What I thought had only been 20 minutes had been and hour and a half. "Whoops!" Joe says laughing. I laugh along with him, because in all respect it was quite funny. We sneak out of the front door before Will could find us and ran down his street, hand in hand.
Brighton looks so different in the dark. More beautiful because of all the nightlife. "So are you're parents back from their holiday?"
"Nope, they get back on Monday." Joe gives a thin smile. "Why?" I ask.
"No reason..." I make Joe stop. I look at him and laugh.
"Seriously, why?"
"We'll I thought I know...stay the night?" I look at him almost shocked. Was Joe using me for sex or does he honestly like me? I guess I will know tomorrow...if he is there when I wake up, he loves me. If he is not there, he just wanted the sex. We are outside my door, I turn the key, we head up stairs and head straight for my room. He pushes me onto my bed and takes off my clothes..."Round two" I think to myself.
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