2. Bad stuff

Ok now the bad stuff. On Agust 5th 2007 the freind I dearly cared for and was my only freind sadly went insane. I was at her house chillin in her room playing mario kart when she said she had to go to the bathroom. I knoded and kept playing. Then she came back with a knife and her home phone. I looked at her confused and actually to be honest I was scared. I looked at her and laughed and said your weird. She yelled at me and said i'm calling the cops! I said be my guest knowing she wouldn't do it. Then I heard the number keys being pressed in. I ignored. Then i heard a tiny voice in the background. I got nervous. The second the voice came through the phone she was screaming in the phone saying help me! Help me! Come quick! Once again ignored still knowing shes lying because sometimes she does weird things like this. I turned my head to look at her and the knife was stabbed into her belly. I got up and screamed! Her parents weren't home no one was there. I called the cops and they cam quickly. They questioned me alot. Asking me srange questions like why did we get a call a little early with a girl screaming into the phone saying help me? I told them what i was doing and they game me a questiong look. I got really tense. Then I saw Angelina move. She spoke softly and heavily the words that came out of her mouth killed me. These were the exact words....."She stabbed me". The next thing you know i was in cuffs. I couldn't beleive the person i was freinds with forever would do such a thing she basically accused me of murder! Luckily i was bailed out of prison. A few months later Angelina confesed to the cops that she was mentally insane and lied about me stabbing her. Then 2 months later she was sent to a mental constitution and died a year later. I still care for her alot and think about all the good times we had together!

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