Movellas: We are One

This is my way of thanking Jordan for making this website. I got the idea from the anime film: Summer Wars. Epic! Watch it, it's awesome.


2. The Internet

I rushed home today, not particularly happy from the previous events of today. Actually, rather pissed to be honest. I hate school! And most of the reality I live in. With my hands stuffed into my jacket's pockets, and my blue headphones blasting Three Days Grace into my ears, I was in my own little world. Well, I wouldn't call it little, rather large actually. My mind expands, and won't ever stop, or so I hope. If I ever stop wanting to write, kill me!


I got through the door, and dashed up the stairs. I didn't want to waste another moment not online, I'm almost always online. Just the time I spend at school and at home walking upstairs to the computer. I chucked my bag to the side of the room, and immediately turned on the laptop. It was under minute and I was already on the Internet. Technology has developed so much over the last few years, thank God it did though. A little platform opened up from my keyboard and stuck almost underneath my nose. This was normal so I didn't try to swat it away or anything. I raised my right hand, and placed it flat against the silver, cold surface. It glowed, scanning up and down my hand. A line of luminous green light pulling itself back and forth, trying to identify who I was. You'd think my laptop would be faster considering that I'm the only person who uses it but what are you going to do? It turned red, confirming my identity. I lifted my hand away from it and waited. After processing for a minute, a picture of myself and my full name came up on the screen. It then scanned my face, which hurt my eyes a little but again, what are you going to do? A bright light blinded my eyes, but I knew this was going to happen. For when my eyes open, I'll be in the World of Movellas.

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