Stolen Heart

Sixteen. Beautiful. Single. Mastermind thief.
Samantha Black is that type of person who you see but all of a sudden she disappears.
Sam is sixteen and HATES to be looked at in a gaze by random boys.
Sam has eight different passports all with different identites.
But most importantly she will always be the girl who stole the queens crown jewels. Her crew called her up to say about the job to pay back some debt.
how could a thief like her could resist? But as the plan goes underway the boy of sam's dreams comes to her apperances, can he rid her of her loneliness? Or make it five times worse?


1. Under-Cover

The rain in London that Friday evening was harder than that damp city had ever seen before. To add to the drama a shrilling wind had been brewing for many hours and now and was racing at many more miles an hour it shouldn't have been. All in all, everybody felt it, is that something was indeed different. Maybe it was the change of seasons some said. Others insisted it was just a sickness bug passing from one innocent soul to the next. But no-one could exactly place why it felt different, or how it felt strange. But for Samantha Black, it wasn't how or why it was different. It was when it was going to be different.

 Samantha Black couldn't have been more different than than any teenage girl on the planet. But not in the way that she could shield her emotions with a click of your fingers. Nor the fact that she never EVER looked at a boy in a way her age group should have. Oh no. Samantha was a thief. All her ancestors from A to Z have at one point or another in their lives sat at Sam's great Grandad's coffee table and planned some of the most unbelieveble crimes done by man kind. When Sam was two, her father and great grandfather had planned the robbery of Russia's crown jewels, nailed it! And the time on Sammy's seventh birthday party when her mother and her two older brothers had attemted to destroy (and eat) 89 per cent of the worlds richest caviar. And as odd as the crime was that actually went down in history as one of the greatest ever. Over the years Sam had seen all the lows and hights of all her families past, and she had learnt from every mistake too. As you may expect, growing up for sam was hard and possibly dangerous for a little girl. But this meant she was also careful with everything she did. But for once she decided to take a chance and leave her apartment in New York behind.

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