Stolen Heart

Sixteen. Beautiful. Single. Mastermind thief.
Samantha Black is that type of person who you see but all of a sudden she disappears.
Sam is sixteen and HATES to be looked at in a gaze by random boys.
Sam has eight different passports all with different identites.
But most importantly she will always be the girl who stole the queens crown jewels. Her crew called her up to say about the job to pay back some debt.
how could a thief like her could resist? But as the plan goes underway the boy of sam's dreams comes to her apperances, can he rid her of her loneliness? Or make it five times worse?


2. Jack the ripper VS Romeo & Juliet

Sam's flight hovered over the runway and with a terrifing 'Bang!' landed on the safe, soggy tar mac of Heathrow airstrip. Every passager on the flight let out an exagerated sigh of relief as the plane haulted to a stop in it's terminal. The captain began to speak through the intercom and everyone shut up and listened to what the man at the front of the plane had to say. "Thank you for choosing American Skyliners! The outside temperature is minus three degrees..." but that was all sam heard because she was assembling her blonde wig so it fit properly before reaching into herwhite handbag and pulling out three passports. One a slim brunette with long lashes called Michelle'O'Gallagher, the other Sam's own passport that is now being hunted down in 14 different countries (Including the U.K) and the last a tall Blonde with far too much make up on and a squeaky high pitched voice - Melleni Jones. The one she hated the most. All the boys would stare at her!

Sam, as I have said isn't exactly the type of person who loves to be in the limelight. As a thief she preferred to be un-noticed. Un-seen. So having boys stare at her was not fun at was complete tourture. 

As Sammy collected her hand luggage, she felt 4 eyes staring at her- burning into her back. Those perticular eyes had been staring at her since she sat down on the aircraft.Sam knew she had to play along in the whole 'girly - girl' act so she cocked her hip out and pretended she couldn't reach her bag from the cabin containers above her. Almost as soon as she had done the convincing act the two pairs of eyes ran over each wanting her phone number and possibly a kiss. One of the guys got a little brave and put a hand on her waists. Sam reacted before his hand had even touched her skin- "DUDE!" she shouted slapping his cheek so hard it was bleeding. Sammy stomped off snatching her hand luggage and tutting in disgust in his attitude. She heard gasps behind her but as if Sam could careless! But something made her turn back. Something made her stop. May it be fate, destiny, curiousity she didn't have a clue. Sam turned her head sideways and heard the most cutest giggles you have ever heard escape a boy's lips, turning another bit she finally found something worth laughing for. Brown chocolate eyes, pearly white teeth, dark short hair, smooth fair skin. "Oh boy...."


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