Stolen Heart

Sixteen. Beautiful. Single. Mastermind thief.
Samantha Black is that type of person who you see but all of a sudden she disappears.
Sam is sixteen and HATES to be looked at in a gaze by random boys.
Sam has eight different passports all with different identites.
But most importantly she will always be the girl who stole the queens crown jewels. Her crew called her up to say about the job to pay back some debt.
how could a thief like her could resist? But as the plan goes underway the boy of sam's dreams comes to her apperances, can he rid her of her loneliness? Or make it five times worse?


3. Home or Holiday?

Logan Henderson was the kind of person who had almost everything.


-Caring family


-he was great looking!

But the one thing he didn't have was a best mate.Sure it may sound stupid to you, but to logan it meant everything. Don't get me wrong Logan had lots of friends. None of them could really be trusted as much as Logan's standarads needed. You may think that might be the reason he came to the United Kingdom in the first place, but that was only one of the reasons. He came to see his father.

Logan's dad moved to London a year ago leaving him, his mother Patrica and his little sister Presley at home in Texas. So now Logan's mum (mom) made logan come to the U.K to show his father that he was proud of him and wanted to follow in his footsteps~ sadly to logan he saw this as a massive lie. The young boy wanted to sing, act and dance. He was not one of those wanna-be's you see walking around Los Angeles with shopping bags on their arms. The boy simply wanted to accomplish his dream. Nothing made him stop going for it. Except his mother of course. But that's only because she loved him.

So now, logan was sat on his flight to London- dreaming his life away. As it haulted to a dead stop in terminal 4, pandemonium broke out a few seats away from him. A guy with his mate had been looking at this girl with blonde hair for the entire flight. And really Logan couldn't stop staring either. There was something intriging to him...something different...he knew she was hiding something...suddenly the guys had appereared at her side and were helping her with getting her hand luggage. I stared in envy at them as they helped her and attemted to make a move.


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