When Kayla decides to move in with her mum, leaving her Dad behind, she thinks it's going to be just like the old days. Determined to have a better life, she sets off, wanting to start over. But once she's met Pierre, her Mum's new boyfriend, she realises it will never be the same again...


1. The Letter

Tonight, I make my decision. Dad, or Mum. Most teenagers wouldn't have to pick between them. But I do. Life is hard with my Dad. He's never here, I hate school, the only friend I have is Kirsty, and still, I wouldn't really classify her as a friend.

My Mum left my Dad when I was only 3. She left me behind, under Dad's care, and it's never really been the same without her. Yes, she did forget about me and move on, but I know that deep down, she probably still wants me back. Maybe. Just maybe. Coz' I want her back.

I'd decided weeks earlier, just after my fourteenth birthday, that I should maybe move to live with my Mum in a small town named 'Tether'. I don't like it here in the big city. People bustling about; schools with people that think they are either so amazing, or so tough. I can't bear it. But I should have known what would happen if I told my Dad. He would freak. Big time.

" Tether?!?!" He screamed at me, as soon as I'd brought up the news. My eyes had blinked with tears, as he got angrier by the second, asking me so many questions in so little time, that I couldn't have even answered them.

"You want to go back to Mum? Why would you want to do that? You like it here, right? Why, who what where, Kayla? What makes you bring this up now?" The questions were endless. Some of them didn't even make sense. But the last one seemed to catch on my heart, and I can't bear to think about it. "Do you still love me?"

I jerk back into the present, my eyes streaming with tears. I wipe them away with my sleeve, walking over to the one window of my tiny room. I look out. Vast amounts of people scurry about. Going here, going there. They all, perhaps, know what they want their future to be like. But the point is, I don't.

Suddenly, there's a knock at my bedroom door. I reach my hand out to turn the knob, but somehow it turns before I even touch it. My Dad enters the room, sweat trickling down his forehead, wearing a white T-shirt - full of sweat too - and a pair of shorts. What does he want?

" 'Ere, take it." He chucks an envelope at me. At first, I think, 'why is he giving me a random envelope?' but then I realise it has something inside it.

"Have you been crying?" My Dad asks, suddenly realising.

"" I lie. I start to open the envelope , but then I look up to see Dad is still standing there. I give him a long stare.

"Daaaaad," I say, "Don't you get the hint? I want privacy..."

"This is the first letter you've ever got. I ought to know who it's from." He mumbles, but after noticing I won't give in, he slowly closes the door, and walks away. I open the envelope carefully, pulling out a letter. I'm hoping it's from my Mum, confirming it's ok for me to come and live with her, but  I don't get my hopes high.


Dear Kayla,

I was delighted when your letter popped into my mailbox last week. But when I read what you wrote...well...I couldn't have been more shocked. Are you sure you want to come and live with me? What about your Dad? I know it's tough for you, there in London, but I'm sure you'll make friends soon enough.

If you're completely sure you want to come here, then yes, I give you permission. But please think about this, Kayla. You can't change your mind about this sort of thing. It's going to have to be permanent once you've made your decision. You'll be starting your GCSE's next year, and I don't want anything to affect them.

Love to you both,

x Mum x


Love to you both. As if. Why would she have left Dad if she still loves him? And I've been here for years now, I don't think I'll ever make any new friends. But all I needed was her permission, and I've got it. So I'm completely sure I want to move in with her. I mean, it won't be that bad, will it? It'll be just like the old days...

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