When Kayla decides to move in with her mum, leaving her Dad behind, she thinks it's going to be just like the old days. Determined to have a better life, she sets off, wanting to start over. But once she's met Pierre, her Mum's new boyfriend, she realises it will never be the same again...


6. 'Kayla...' 'Kayla...' 'Kayla...'

I just can't believe what I heard. Mum and Pierre...are getting MARRIED? Why am I always the last to hear everything? And why was my own mother trying to keep it a secret from me? The words that spilled from her mouth have been replaying in my head ever since. Just a day ago, Pierre had tried to attack me, and not once since then had he tried to apologise.

I stumble down the stairs this morning wrapped in my dressing gown, showing myself at the kitchen door, just as Mum and Pierre are deep in conversation. Apparently, he stayed over last night, and I wouldn't be surprised if he stayed over for the whole week. He's all for getting Mum's attention off of me. Or at least any good attention.

The room is silent as soon as I enter. My bare feet thwacking the cold, stone floor beneath me seems a million times louder. I grab a bowl from the cupboard; pour in some cereal and milk; then, seat myself at the dining table beside my mother.

"Good morning," I say politely, picking up a random spoon off of the table and dunking it in my bowl, "How was your stay?" I look in Pierre's direction, and give him a long, hard stare.

He stiffens, before saying, "Fine thank you." I slowly push a spoonful of breakfast into my mouth. Awkwardness fills the air.

"Kayla, we need to have a chat," my Mum suddenly says, placing a hand on mine. I pull it away immediately. "Personal space." I mutter under my breath.

"Kayla, I know I should have..."

"There's a lot of thing you should have done Mum." I blurt out, without even thinking. Of course, this was true, but the last thing I want to do is get in another argument.


"Stop with the 'Kayla's', please," I say, droning on, "saying my name over and over again will not change my mind about this." I thought this was clear, but obviously not.

"Kayla..." Pierre starts it off this time.

I stand up abruptly, pushing myself up from the table. "SHUT UP!" I scream, running out of the kitchen, and storming up the stairs. Why can't they just leave me alone? I can cope on my own. I can hear my mother's footsteps behind me, rushing to 'save the day'. When I get to the top of the stairs I turn around to face her.

"I didn't mean to make you upset." She wimpers, holding her arms out wide for a hug. She pulls me in, witbout my permission, and I bury into her arms. "Kayla, I know it's hard for you to come and live here, when me and Pierre have clearly started a life of our own, but please, try to be more polite and grateful. Guests don't punch their new step-dad's in the face." She laughs, and normally I'd laugh too, but this is really not the time or place to be doing that. She clearly doesn't know the meaning of 'polite'. I was being polite at the table, trying to be nice to Pierre even though I wanted to kick him hard in the shin. Also, she calls me a 'guest', as if I'll be leaving in a few days. Yeah, right.

I break apart from my Mum's grip, and slip away into my bedroom. Taking one more glance behind me at her dissapointed face, I pull the door to a shut.

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