froggy go bye bye


3. Whats dead can never die

   Its been two years since I have slayed that hideous gremlin beast. it scares my brain still. I have nightmares about that bloop thing of a creature. bam bam bam im sleeping and the next I know he appears as if he is a ghost haunting me but of course its just a dream tee hee. one day I decided to walk in the same swamp I found that beast in. ooh wait no it was just my doggy poo chelsnut. opps I didn't mean to hurt it guess it was just a teenager phase thing tee hee. omg shes looking at me right now laughing. bam its gone that was just a dream don't be fooled ladies and gents. Ok so if you are still reading this thanks I guess because this is weird. So my name is Ann Belington the 12th and as you can tell im a professional writer. I love what I do and will continue it forever. im the best out there and no one can stop me or bring me down im going to make it big!! while im making millions on my books that everyone will read and enjoy yall people can have some of the millions because well sharing is caring. SIKE!!! im going to buy a miniature tiger with da money and train it to make as good of stories as I do. ok well anyways if you were wondering on what happened to the person who killed that gremlin thing its on my site "Ann is the best writer ever" and it will reveal a shocking ending trust me youll love it because well im the best! Thanks for all your guys support and all the wonderful comments and millions of views on my books im glad that you guys see that I can actually make it so you guys support me! ok bam bam sorry guys that was the gremlin talking  I just killed it with my big sword and im going home now to cry because fault in our stars was freaking amazing!!!! I cried a whole lot lol ahhhhhh its back gotta run I got some gremlin but to kick and reamber folks whats dead can never out oh and if you guys nevermind teehee ahhhhhh!!!!!

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