froggy go bye bye


1. Awkward.....

It was a dark stormy night when a strange gremlin man came walknig out of a small tree in the forest of lumbridge. He was a short little man with a hideous face and short stubby hands with green goop dripping from them. All the sudden he turned into a frog. I walked over a picked up the green ugly bumpy frog and threw it against a tree. Then a naked man appeared and said,"hey what ya do dat fo?" Then i stared at him with confusion and replied, "what are you"? It came walking towards me with an ugly shocked look upon its oh so hideous face and shouted at me, " You will never know who I am nor shall anyone else!" I steped back and quickly pulled my sword out and chopped the head of the discusting gremlin man thing. I said, "Thank god that things gone!" I heard a stange creepy voice behind me and turned around slowly. "Bam!" The gremlin thing was behind me!! Hehe it said. I can not no die die. Ok this is awkward......................................?

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