True Love

I went to the mall with my best friend, Sara. I hate One Direction, but my Sara loves them so i constantly have to tell her to be quiet. So we always fight about how bad/good One Direction. We arn't really good friends anymore, she just annoys me intill one day I............


7. sleeping

Niall's P.O.V.

"Do  you snore?" Hope asked

"Sometimes" why did she ask?

"Ok wheres your room?" This sounded all so wrong

"Its up there" I pointed up the stairs

"How loud do you snore?"

"Ummmm not that loud"

"Where's the guest room?"

"It's across the hall from my room..... Dont worry you wont be able to here me snore"

"Oh, ok.... I guess im sleeping in the guest room"


She stood up and walked up the staris she looked around and couldn't find with one was the guest room. That's where i came in! i walked up staris and asked her if she new where she was going....

"Can u show me?"

"Sure" i smiled

"I didn't even notice you have bracies"

"Oh, most pepole dont notice"

"Oh ok" She had a smile on here face.

I went to my room.

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