True Love

I went to the mall with my best friend, Sara. I hate One Direction, but my Sara loves them so i constantly have to tell her to be quiet. So we always fight about how bad/good One Direction. We arn't really good friends anymore, she just annoys me intill one day I............


8. Morning

Hope's P.O.V.

i woke up and remebered what happened last night i felt like crying.

Niall came in and cheaked on me. I think he was suprized i was awake.

"Hey love"

"Hi" I said in a terrible morning vocie

"How did you sleep?"

"I slept ok"

"Just ok? Not good or great?"

"Just ok"

"Oh why?"

"I dont really know"

"Oh ok"

"So how did you sleep?"

"I was worried about you"


"Of course"


"Because I was afraid that he would find you"

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