True Love

I went to the mall with my best friend, Sara. I hate One Direction, but my Sara loves them so i constantly have to tell her to be quiet. So we always fight about how bad/good One Direction. We arn't really good friends anymore, she just annoys me intill one day I............


10. Metting them!

Hope's P.O.V.

Niall and I jumped in his car.

"Soooooo are they nice?"

"Is who nice?"

"One Direction and there boys"

"Ha-ha-ha ya there cool, but i think u will like me the most"

"Ha-Ha" I really did like Niall but i was STILL getting over Ben (cheating ex) You can't blame me I mean its only been like two days...... 

Niall broke the silence "Where here!"


"Yep.... Follow me!"

Niall's P.O.V.

I lead Esperanza (Hope) into the recording studio..... 

"Zayn! Liam! Harry! Louis!"

"What?" They all yelled

"Come here please!"


"I want to introduce you to my NEW GIRLFRIEND!!" They all came running in

"Good for you mate" Zayn said

"Hi my name is Esperanza, but pepole call me hope and blue eyes even though my eyes are brown.... Its weird " She smiled

I felt my self fill up with jelousy as they all stared at her..... She didnt even really notice BUT I DID OMG why was Harry staring at her the most? He already has a girlfriend!!! Louis had to punch Harry in the stomach to make him stop staring.....

Harry walked to Hope and said "Hi my name is Harry.... Esperanza is such a beautiful name!" I cant belive it he actually said it BETTER than ME HER BOYFRIEND!!!

He walked away as all the other introdused them selfs........ But they all just called her Blue Eyes.... Even though she had milk choloate brown eyes.... They where beautiful..... You could stare at them ALL day! But WHY was HARRY? THAT MADE ME SOOOOO MAD!!!!!



Sorry for all the mistakes in spelling i keep looking back after i save it as a draft! And plz give me feed back what should happen next? -Julia


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