True Love

I went to the mall with my best friend, Sara. I hate One Direction, but my Sara loves them so i constantly have to tell her to be quiet. So we always fight about how bad/good One Direction. We arn't really good friends anymore, she just annoys me intill one day I............


16. Ice cream

Niall's P.O.V.

I was on the couch...... Hope was sleeping in her room. It was 2:00 pm.

I walked up staris. I walked into the guest room (where she was staying)

I opened the door...... "Hi."

"Oh....Hi Nialler."

"Do you feel better?"

"I guess" she looked at the ground

"It's ok I'm sure your mom is fine."

"I just wish she would call me"

"Oh, i know how that feels"

"You do?"


"How did you deal with it?" She looked up "like how did u deal with not having any comunication with ur mom?"

"I didnt really, I kinda just layed in my room for hours only getting up for food."

"Oh, so you where depressed?"

"I guess u can say that"

"Okay........" She got up

"HEY!" She looked startled


"Do you want to go out for ice cream? You know get out of the house..."

"What about the paparazzi?"

"I dont care if they see us."

"Ok, let me get ready."


20 minutes later:

We walked out of the house

"Are we going to drive or walk?"

"It doesnt matter....."

"Wait.....Do the paparazzi know who i am?"

"I dont know"

"Ok, lets walk"


(Still Niall's P.O.V.)

10 minutes later:

"Hi, I would like to have a small vinialla... and........" I stepped in "And a small cholate chip ice cream"

"Ok, so you want: one small vinialla and a small choloate chip?" said the waitress

"Yes..... Thank you"

"Ok, your name please"

"Esperanza Ramirez" (with an acsent over the I, i dont know how to do it on a computer)

"Ok, your number 1500"

"Ok, thanks"

Hope P.O.V. (btw Hope is the same person as Esperanza)

"Ok, thanks"

Niall found us a seet

"Hey cupcake"

"So orginal......haha"

"I know...." We have never been out in the public together, so i was kinda nervous I sat down........

10 minutes later:

"Ok ready to go home Nialler?"

"Yep........." we walked home, it was silent...But not an akward kind..... Niall broke the silence "So....Do you think the paparazzi say us?"

"I dont know, probably.....Wait isnt ur manager gonna be mad?"

"Na, I dont think so"

"Ok" We got home "Do you have the keys?"

"Ya......" He walked up to the door and un-locked the door.


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