True Love

I went to the mall with my best friend, Sara. I hate One Direction, but my Sara loves them so i constantly have to tell her to be quiet. So we always fight about how bad/good One Direction. We arn't really good friends anymore, she just annoys me intill one day I............


3. Home

Hope P.O.V.

It took me about 15 minutes to get home it would have taken long but i disided to call a taxi. I didn't want him to know where I really lived sao i got out of the taxi 7 houses down from my house.

I payed the taxi man 15 dollars.

I tryed to take my mind of what happened at the mall but i started to cry about Ben....... Someone knocked on the door i got up and saw it was Sara's boyfriend

He charded in.... "Oh well come in." I said it like 'ya I wanted to see you'

He said "Why!! WHY!! Is there something wrong with me?? It's your fault isn't is if YOU would have NEVER date that jerk Ben!!!!"

"Wow ummm........ I think your drunk..... You need to sit down" I sounded worried.... wait i WAS worried.

"I only had a couple..... STOP being such a MOM and let GO and GET drunk WITH ME!!!"

I though to my self and said im really scared what  is he going to do to me??? Then i made a HUGE mistake "Sure it can't hurt right?"

"NOPE!!!! HERE!!!!"

He handed me a six pack (of beer) Then he handed me Vadka.......... Oh no.......

Glup "Ummm..... Where did you get ALL of this from?"


Gulp "Yes"  I said in a small voice


I was really scared

"Um...... Forget what i said Ethan....I don't want to get drunk"


I was sooo scar




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