Dream Big

I was just any ordinary 18 year old.But when my family moved to London,everything changed.I meet 5 beautiful,young,talented,boys.One Direction.One of them fall for me.We end up dating.I hope he can keep my heart from shattering.


3. The Concert

So I was already at the prison.My dad sat on a table.I sat next to him.I told everything that was going on except the abuse.

Harley's POV

So we were on our way to the concert.I read the note Kaileigh had wrote.It made her sound happy.But inside,I knew she was hurt from her dad being in prison.I don't know why he was in prison.I thought about asking her why,but I haven't found the courage to ask her.Before we walked into the concert,we put on the necklaces that would let us backstage.The boys sang WYMB.They sounded beautiful.The girls ran backstage.All that was going through my mind was Kaileigh.I was happy to see Louis.But when I turned to face Niall,I almost cried.I handed him the note."It's from my friend Kaileigh.She couldn't be here at the concert today."I said.Niall looked at the note.He smiled.But he changed after one part.I think I missed a part of the note because Niall started to cry.We left.

Niall's POV

I was happy about the note.Up until the P.S part."Niall why are you crying?"Liam asked."Read the bottom."I replied.Liam took the note.The P.S part said:

If you think I am happy,you are mistaken.I don't have parents anymore.I live with my aunt and uncle.They hit me.HELP!

Liam had some tears pour down his face.The others read it too.Everyone at that point was crying.

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