Dream Big

I was just any ordinary 18 year old.But when my family moved to London,everything changed.I meet 5 beautiful,young,talented,boys.One Direction.One of them fall for me.We end up dating.I hope he can keep my heart from shattering.


1. The Beginning

  I was born in Ireland.I lived with my mum,dad,and brother.My brother was much younger than me.I was 18 and he was 10.I loved him to death though.I guess you could say Levi,my brother,was a little bit of a trouble maker.Yet to know,further down the line he would be gone.That's a whole other story.I had 2 friends.Ally and Jade.You could always rely on them.Kind of like your shoulder to cry on.I had this one dream.Every night  I went to bed I had this dream.The dream was about this guy kidnapping me.I would always wake up right as the guy was going to stab me.Freaky.Yes.Very much yes.I never told my parents though because I was almost positive that the dream was normal.Some would call me loony.Some would agree with me.To try to make more since,I was afraid to end up in mental house.Where all the crazy people go.Well that's that  with that dream.I was just an ordinary girl.Well I think so.Hmm...Oh well.I guess I never really cared about what people said about me.I really don't care if they hate me.Yes I had my haters.But I also had me friends.But something changed my life for forever.My dad killed my mum and brother.I was so upset with him.That happened when I was 16.So 2 years ago.I have been damaged ever since that.So I was sent to live with my aunt and uncle and my cousin.Other than my cousin,they were mean.Abusing me.Well thats the beginning of my life.

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