Dream Big

I was just any ordinary 18 year old.But when my family moved to London,everything changed.I meet 5 beautiful,young,talented,boys.One Direction.One of them fall for me.We end up dating.I hope he can keep my heart from shattering.


2. The Abuse

  So I have lived with my aunt and uncle for 2 years now.I have made more friends.Harley,Megan,Charity,and Kayde are my new friends.We all love One Direction.My favorite was Niall,Kayde's favorite is Liam,Charity's favorite is Harry,Harley's favorite is Louis,and Megan's Zayn.We all were just a happy family,when together.Other wise I am  sad.The abuse.My cousin Alexis doesn't know about the abuse yet.On I know.I guess the abuse and my disease,Fibromyalgia,makes it harder for me to bare the pain.Oh well.No one cares.I just dream that someone will rescue me from this umbarible pain.I have to learn to just move through it.This weekend I was going to Kayde's house along with other girls.I was some what excited.The weekend seemed to come quicker than I thought.I packed some clothes.Harley was the only one who knew about my dad being in prison.She also knew I went to visit him every month.I was going Monday to see him.My dad was transported to London prison.Harley or any of the other girls didn't know why he was in prison.None of them knew I was abused either.I wanted to keep that to myself.I was the first one at Kayde's house."Hey Kai."Kayde said."Hey Kad."I said.I hugged her and walked him.And of course Reba,her dog,welcomed me.After awhile the other girls came.I told Harley about Monday.Kayde had to tell us something."Guess what guys?I got One Direction tickets."Kayde said.We all gasped."When is it?"I asked."Monday."Kayde replied."I cant go." "Why not?" "I have to do something Monday." "Oh." "I will write a note for Niall for you guys to give to him." "Ok." I walked into Kayde's room.

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