Roll Up, Roll Up (Interactive Story)

NO COPYING. AT ALL. YOU WILL BE STABBED HORRIBLY IF YOU COPY. This is a WHOLE new idea I just had! I'll write a chapter, and leave you with a few options on the choices the character makes. Comment below with your choice and the one with the most votes is the direction the story goes! Anyway, this is a horror-y type-thing, and I can't tell you what will happen because it's up to you!


1. Introduction

You blink your eyes, not recognising the scene in front of you.You don't know where you are, and more importantly, how the hell you got here. As you get up from the sawdust beneath you, you struggle but eventually regain your sense of balance. 

A round room surrounds you, one part cut open, letting in a slight breeze. Striped red and white canvas walls, there are blocks of seats surrounding you.

You realise these seats are:

A) Crammed with people, all gazing at you expectantly.

B) Completely empty - it looks like you're the only person here.

C) Empty, apart from one person.

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