Roll Up, Roll Up (Interactive Story)

NO COPYING. AT ALL. YOU WILL BE STABBED HORRIBLY IF YOU COPY. This is a WHOLE new idea I just had! I'll write a chapter, and leave you with a few options on the choices the character makes. Comment below with your choice and the one with the most votes is the direction the story goes! Anyway, this is a horror-y type-thing, and I can't tell you what will happen because it's up to you!


3. B) A Mysterious Man

Dressed in regal livery, the tall figure before you brushes dust off this dark top hat, the gold embroidery on his red tailcoat catching the moonlight.
"I see you woke up, then." he snarls.
You don't recognise him, yet there is something strangely familiar about that stubby nose, those shiny brown eyes and that stupid tone of voice.
"Julian?" you stare in disbelief.
"Yes, it's me, you brat." he rolled his eyes. "The twit of the year group who spent lessons looking at girls more than he paid attention. Well, I'm here for you now, to make up for all those years I was tormented."
"How did you find me?"
"A man in my position has connections," he winks.
"Don't try it on with me, sunshine." you sneer, suddenly gaining confidence. "You had all the money in the world - until you blew it. Drank it all."
"Not all of it." he grins. "Kept some back for now. Tonight, is all I give you. Escape if you dare - go on! Try! But you won't see sunshine tomorrow, I can promise."
And with that, he ups and leaves, just like that.
Do you...

A) Stay where you are, and go back to sleep.
B) Explore the tent you're in, or
C) Go and look around outside.
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