Do You Remember When He Existed?

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?
Wrong! In my case, it can get nasty.
Especially when it starts breaking the law.
I'm sorry, I'm rambling. Basically, Justin Bieber was recently spotted copying my ways, but now it's gone too far. Fed up with just copying me, he comes up with a plot to erase me from history. How can two average teenagers possibly help?
A new story brought to you by the authors of Codename: Fanfics and Fight for The Movellas Throne!


3. Trippin' On Me

Ice cold steel and scratchy hemp ropes. That was the first thing Annie could pick up through the huge headache she had. The ropes cut into her wrists pretty hard, despite the warm sweat or blood dripping over them. There was some sort of metal lump digging into her thigh, and it sure did hurt. Groaning slightly, Annie sat up, taking a good look around at where she was.

Three words could accurately describe this place. Cold. Bland. Foreboding. The walls were made of industrial-grade steel, fixed with matching rivets. Same with the floor, which explained the rivet poking her in the thigh. At the far end were a set of steel doors, exactly like for a lift, but tightly locked. The only vaguely colourful things were the sparkly purple ropes with which she was bound.


"If you wanna know where we are, I haven't got a clue. Need a hand with those?" Diana asked, getting up from the corner she was sitting in, brandishing a metal nail file.

"Please, yes. How'd you get free anyway?" Annie replied, twisting her arms so they weren't tucked behind her.

"Swiped this from your pocket and hid it. Took at least half an hour to saw through those ropes. It should take less here, as I can move more." Diana explained, sawing into the purple rope. Tiny hemp fibers fell from the cut marks, littering the steel floor.

"What the hell happened though? Why were we taken?" Annie stammered, after a long pause. She'd been collecting her thoughts, and couldn't find any answers.

Diana bit her lip. "I dunno. I think someone must have a bone to pick with us, for some reason. The CD's gone, so maybe that's it."

"Of course, the CD! Someone very close to Bieber must have done this, to get us outta the way." Annie exclaimed, pulling her arms apart and snapping the last rope strand.

Now it was out in the open, both girls could see the truth. "But, how do we get outta here? Or stop them?" Diana asked, taking the ropes off Annie.

"I dunno. I mean, we've first gotta get outta this room, and that's gonna be hard enough. What about after that? We could be in the middle of the ocean, or halfway up a Himalayan mountain. What then?" Annie said, getting to her feet.

"I dunno, but we'll find a wa- someone's coming!" Diana announced, noticing the tap of buttons being pressed outside.

"Quick, take the other end of this rope! I've got an idea!" Annie exclaimed, picking up one end of the rope and crouching on one side of the door.

"What's gonna happen now?" Diana whispered, crouching on the other side and pulling the rope taut, so it was stretched across the door at ankle height.

"Shh, just watch and wait." Annie replied, as the door slid open with a hiss. A burly figure came through, before catching himself on the rope, and toppling over forwards.

"That's what. Now run!" She yelled, bolting out into the corridor, antelope-style.

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