Do You Remember When He Existed?

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?
Wrong! In my case, it can get nasty.
Especially when it starts breaking the law.
I'm sorry, I'm rambling. Basically, Justin Bieber was recently spotted copying my ways, but now it's gone too far. Fed up with just copying me, he comes up with a plot to erase me from history. How can two average teenagers possibly help?
A new story brought to you by the authors of Codename: Fanfics and Fight for The Movellas Throne!


2. The Lost Children

"Anything's possible, even time travel. Let's hope he can't time travel though, or who knows what could happen." Diana shuddered.

That had to be the worst thought ever, which twisted and warped the atmosphere into something monstrous.

"Diana," Annie replied in a matter-of-fact voice. "Clearly something has happened, or how the hell would Justin Bieber have gotten his name on Michael Jackson's album?"

"Fair point." she paused. Reaching into her pocket, she asked: "You got three quid?"

"Yes, why?"

"We're buying this CD - I want to know what the heck is going on here. Names don't just appear like that."

Annie passed Diana the money, pinning back a loose chunk of black hair in the process. It annoyed her so much when it sprang free, as it meant she couldn't see important things in front of her. Like a lamppost she would walk into, or the cashier shiftily press a button under the counter. However, she certainly couldn't mistake Diana's bouncy strut coming back, with the rogue CD in hand.

"Come on, we've gotta see what happened here. After all, only something warped would put Justin Bieber's name on Michael's album." She said.

Annie and Diana left the shop, getting battered by the high October winds in the process. Palm-sized maple leaves, the colour of lipstick and caramel, danced through the air, past displays of grinning pumpkins and fluttering bats. Two kids, a boy and a girl, walked together on the opposite side of the street, battling against the wind.

"Whew it's windy today. Hallowe'en's a-coming closer, Di." Annie commented, battling to zip up her pink Superdry coat.

"I know, I can't wait! Whaddya wanna go as this year?" Diana asked, ignoring the biting winds on her goosepimpled arms. Even in freezing weather, she would go out in just a t-shirt and shorts, with jeans for winter. It was only when the snow started falling, that she put on a coat.

"I dunno, maybe a witch? Or an angel, with huge feathery wings." Annie uttered, thinking deeply over what to wear.

"I'm thinking of being a zombie, with fake blood smeared down my face, and white-out contact lenses, with potting compost sprinkled on me to give the I-Just-Crawled-Out-Of-A-Grave effe-"

"Diana, watch out!" Annie shrieked over the squeal of brakes, as she dragged her back from the zebra crossing, out of the path of the black transit van that barrelled its way towards her.

"I'm ok, thanks. What the hell, there was nothing there, and it just came speeding by and nearly killed me!" Diana snapped, pushing her loose fringe off her face, as the van's side door slid ominously open.

"You kids ok?" A passenger asked, hopping out of the side door. The phrase in Diana's throat (something along the lines of "What the hell do you think you're playing at? You could have killed me!" But with more obscenities thrown in) died into a squeak, as this guy was huge! Not just in height, because both girls could tell there were tightly packed muscles under that black leather jacket he was wearing.


"Yeah, we're fine. Thanks for asking." Annie cut in, before Diana could start her torrent of abuse. Somehow, she didn't think it would be wise to do that.

"That's good then. I was worrying that the Boss wouldn't get to teach you a lesson!" The guy yelled, grabbing both girls by the wrist and dragging them in.

"Hey, get off us!" Diana shrieked, pulling back with all her strength. She was damn strong for her age, and put up a pretty good fight.

"Hey, Joe, deal with this firecracker, will yo- AH!" The guy called back, only to be cut off by Diana sinking her sharp teeth into his wrist. It was a fatal mistake.

"Just a warning." He added, rolling her in and clenching his arm around her neck, so she was trapped. "He bites."

"He? I'm a girl!" She thought, as she was thrown roughly against the inside wall of the van, with her skinny legs tangling in Annie's unconscious form.

"Don't you come any closer! You hear me, not one step close- What've you done to her?" Diana shrieked, trying to keep focussed on her attackers. It was a bit difficult in the gloom, but she could just pick out a few details.

"This!" Came a third male voice nearby, as rough hands caught hold of her, clamping a soaking cloth over her face. Whatever it was soaked in, gave off a harsh, bleach-like smell. It was really strong, and hypnotic, dragging her down...



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