Do You Remember When He Existed?

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?
Wrong! In my case, it can get nasty.
Especially when it starts breaking the law.
I'm sorry, I'm rambling. Basically, Justin Bieber was recently spotted copying my ways, but now it's gone too far. Fed up with just copying me, he comes up with a plot to erase me from history. How can two average teenagers possibly help?
A new story brought to you by the authors of Codename: Fanfics and Fight for The Movellas Throne!


1. Prologue

Sighing, Annie and Diana gazed at the many teen magazines lining the store's Comic and Culture rack, most of which were printed with the faces of a man. That is, if you could call him a man. Although his face was mainly covered by a mass of shiny, too-well-conditioned hair, it was obvious who it was. The heading on one magazine read: "Bieber- 'I've admired Michael since birth'". Both girls laughed at that. The creature depicted on the mag was fibbing, of course. He had recently developed a reputation for copying the great Michael Jackson, who had been declared the King of Pop upon his death a few years beforehand. Wearing coloured bands on his arm, moonwalking in videos, and rumours of a Thriller video were just a few examples of Justin Bieber's treason to music.

"There's nothing decent in here," Annie commented. "I'm not buying anything with THAT on it." gesturing to the purple-clad prick in all the photos.

"Ugh, I know. Still, it could be worse." Diana pointed out, shrugging her shoulders, causing her mousey-brown, neck-length hair to dance about. She was tall and thin for her age, but very, very tough. And reckless. Name any ridiculously dangerous stunt in the world, and if it wasn't already there, she'd stick it straight on her bucket list.

"How?" Annie asked, turning to look at Diana through her back-length, corkscrew-curly, black hair. It kept slipping free of the many star, flower and fruit-shaped hairslides used to pin it back; only allowing her inquisitive face and grass-green eyes to peep through occasionally.

"One Direction could be copying him instead. Then there'd be 5 of them."

Annie snorted with laughter, then shuddered at the thought. One Direction were bad enough already; the thought of all 5 of them copying him at once, had to be the creepiest thought ever.

"It's bad enough already with just Bieber. 5 of him would bring the end of the world." She said, taking a look at the CD racks. These days, there wasn't a lot of decent music, but it was still possible to find a hidden gem amongst the half-naked, walking Barbies and sissy hair gel addicts. It just took a bit of looking, that's all.

"Anything good?" Diana asked, flipping through a CD rack. Nothing but a sea of teen pop greeted her though.

"No, not ye- Yes! I heard about this one!" She replied, pulling out the pure white album, BAD25. It was released not too long ago, as a sort-of tribute, with all sorts of remixes and unreleased tracks.

"Lemme see!" Diana rushed over, heart beating at the thought of decent music. It was perfect. Pure white, shiny and plastic-coated, like a blessing from the gods. The letters, clearly spelling out: "Michael Jackson" was flickering though, almost like an old film that keeps stopping and starting. The letters flashed, changed and darted around, until they clearly read: "Justin Bieber".

"What the hell! Did you just see that?" Annie exclaimed, scarcely unable to believe what she just saw! After all, names don't change just like that.

"You saw it too! Is this some sort of a sick joke?"

"If it is, then it's not funny." Annie replied.

Flipping over the album case, both Annie and Diana scanned down the song lists. There was one song from the album, that both the girls knew Dustbin Bieber would be too scared to steal, due to its controversial title and lyrics.

"See, it's just a sick joke. He's too scared to steal that song-Oh!" Diana stopped abruptly, as before both of their eyes, all the material to do with the song, flickered out, leaving a blank white space where 'Abortion Papers' once was.

"Ok, this just got real. How the hell can something change just like that? And why?" Annie asked, still puzzled over the vanishing words.

"How, I dunno, but why...well, maybe Bieber went one step up from just admiring Michael. Maybe he tried to be him."

Those words sent shockwaves down both girl's spines. It was one thing to admire someone, but something completely different to try to be someone. If he was though, what would happen to the original? People just can't be erased from the world, like spelling mistakes. Either they had to be "gotten rid of" or there was some sort of imposter-type thing going on. Either situation was bad news.

"How though?" Annie said, nervously biting her lip. "I mean...Bieber would have to go back to the past to do that, and that's impossible. Isn't it?"

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