Do You Remember When He Existed?

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?
Wrong! In my case, it can get nasty.
Especially when it starts breaking the law.
I'm sorry, I'm rambling. Basically, Justin Bieber was recently spotted copying my ways, but now it's gone too far. Fed up with just copying me, he comes up with a plot to erase me from history. How can two average teenagers possibly help?
A new story brought to you by the authors of Codename: Fanfics and Fight for The Movellas Throne!


4. Picking The Date

Once they're made it through the large steel door, it was reasonably unclear just what Annie and Diana should do now. Sweeping her black hair out of her eyes, Annie's glassy green gaze drifted around the large hallway they were now in. "Right..." She muttered, as her eyes scanned the area. Looking at Diana - or rather, at Diana's clothes - she shrieked, "What the name of..?!" Of course. She hadn't noticed this before, neither of them had, but they certainly weren't wearing the same clothes they had been earlier that day. Diana's previous sky blue T-shirt and dark jeans were gone, only to be replaced with the most hideous sparkly purple number, complete with gold accents. A similar rag had been thrown on her, half blinding her with all that colour.

"Oh - that," Diana muttered sheepishly. "I honestly don't have a clue. One thing I will point out - isn't purple that twit's favourite colour? And gold?"

"Mmhm..." Annie nodded. But she wasn't concentrating on the repulsive violet silk or golden nylon anymore - it was the raised voice coming from the nearby doorway.

"Whaddya mean we've got two prisoners? Why're they here?" The voice yelled, as both girls crept closer, to listen in.

"They saw the name change, and they could have blabbed. You know what teenage girls are like." Someone replied, clearly sounding terrified.

"Hmph, I know alright. I've got them throwing themselves at me wherever I go. What do you plan to do with them?" The first voice came again, as Annie and Diana slipped inside the room.

It was very dark, as the only light came from a dim, purple light, which was obscured by several steel shelves, and what sat on them.

"Well, I was hoping you would come up with a way of disposing of them. Seeing as you're so good at coming up with things." Came the scared voice, who was now sucking up to the first person.

"Who do you think that is?" Diana hoarsely whispered, peering past the mounds of electrical equipment on the shelves. Two figures could just be seen, but barely.

Annie gulped nervously, "I think that might be Bieber, and this is some sort of laboratory." She replied as quietly as possible.

The shorter of the two figures began pacing the floor, slowly and deliberately as he thought. "Well..." he began, turning on one foot. "We do need some new test subjects, after what happened to the last one. Hmm, bring them in, and I'll pick one to send back. I think I'll send them to Chernobyl, where they won't bother us." Bieber barked, dismissing the other speaker with a flip of his hand.

"Yes boss." The other speaker said, dipping into a short bow, before turning to leave.

"Quick, hide!" Diana hissed, pulling Annie into a dark corner, so they were hidden in the shadows.

Once the other person had left, the girls crept from the shadows, attempting to get closer to Bieber. Something was definitely happening, and he was behind all of it.

"Now where's that second prototype gone? I know I had it here a minute ago." He muttered, looking up and down the wooden bench in front of him. Several electrical components littered it, holding down paper scraps with notes scribbled on, and photographs of varying ages.

"Ah, I remember now! It's back here." He announced suddenly, turning to the shelves behind him, which happened to be where Annie and Diana were watching him from.

"Quick, back up. He won't see us then." Diana hissed, slipping back into the shadows. She took a few steps too far though.

The crash and tinkle of broken glass came first, then the deafening squeal of metal rubbing against metal, then the crash of shelves hitting each other, like dominoes.

"Oh crap!" Annie hissed, swiping an electrical device off the remaining shelves.

"Move it!" Diana yelled, half-pushing Annie out of the room, as a klaxon began wailing.

The girls tore down the corridor, as Annie still clutched the electrical device. Her knuckles blanched, as she refused to let it go.

"Wrong way, come on!" Annie said, pulling Diana down a side corridor, when she saw the original way was blocked.

"We're trapped!" Diana wailed, when they approached the dead end.

"Don't worry, I've got a plan. Give me a date." Annie replied, pressing a large purple button on the electrical device. A screen lit up, revealing a set of numbers.


"Just give me a date, any date!"

"I dunno...erm, August 29th, 1958?"

Rapidly, Annie typed in the date. An arrangement of places popped up once she'd entered it in. "I need a place now. Any place." She added.

"Erm...try Gary, Indiana, USA."

"Good enough, now take hold of me." Annie ordered, as Diana gripped her around the waist. With a shaking hand, Annie pressed the button again, entering in the place.

A clicking sound, like an old film starting up, resonated around the corridor, as both girls flickered, and faded from view.

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