Do You Remember When He Existed?

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?
Wrong! In my case, it can get nasty.
Especially when it starts breaking the law.
I'm sorry, I'm rambling. Basically, Justin Bieber was recently spotted copying my ways, but now it's gone too far. Fed up with just copying me, he comes up with a plot to erase me from history. How can two average teenagers possibly help?
A new story brought to you by the authors of Codename: Fanfics and Fight for The Movellas Throne!


5. Gone Too Soon

"Great, now we've lost them!" Bieber sighed, having just watched the two, in his opinion, twits flicker out of view. "Fools!"

"Yes boss?" the stockier of the two guards answered, coming out of the hallway. "Oh, and we can't find the girls, by the way."

"I realise that!" Justin shrieked. "And they've taken the only time turner we have that actually works!"

"Umm, boss, we do have this one-"

"I said that actually works! This prototype is hardly ideal!" he retorted. "Still, I have no choice...and before you even ask, neither of you are coming!"

"But, boss, what if something goes wro-"

"Oh, puh-lease! What trouble could two teenage girls cause? Still, at least they chose a good date. He couldn't have done all that work if he wasn't born." Justin paused to glare right at the two guards for a second. "I'll deal with you two later." He snapped, before setting the date and place, then pressing the button.

                                         *    *    *    *    *    *    *

"Where are we?" Diana hissed, once the world had stopped flickering. Crickets chirped all around the girls, as they crept from the dense bushes they'd appeared in.

"Gary, Indiana, 1958 by the looks of things. Why'd you pick this date and place anyway?" Annie asked, as a distant clock chimed the hour. The night air was icy cold, as mist patches swirled and danced around.

"I just said the first one that came into my head. What part of town do you think this is?"

Annie looked around, "I haven't got a clue. We'll take a look around, to work out where we are."

And so they did. Pacing through streets of run-down buildings, they were about to give up - until a high-pitched yelp pierced the night. The pair turned around to the building the scream had emitted from and, being good honest people, immediately ran to see what had happened.

Attempting to look through the gaps in the taped-on newspaper, Annie and Diana could only see a few snatches of the room inside.

"Can you see anything?" Annie asked.

"Nope. Can you?" Diana replied.

"Not much. It's hard to te-" Annie's words were cut off by a piercing scream of terror coming from inside. Whoever screamed sounded between the ages of 7 and 10.

"OK, bad move there! Try going around the front."

They did so, stopping every couple of seconds to let another scream surpass. When they reached a small door with peeling paint, the pair immediately crouched down to peer through the gap between the ground and door frame. A woman. Lying back, her ebony skin shimmered in the poor lighting. Several children of different ages surrounded her, along with an older man and a young woman, trying to suppress the lady's screams.

"I think you picked a good date." Diana whispered, trying not to attract attention.

"You know what, I agree." Came the voice both girls dreaded, followed by the click and whirr of a revolver being loaded.

"Now get up, and enjoy the show. You can't do all that work if you weren't born." Bieber hissed, as both girls reluctantly got to their feet. He'd found them, in the worst possible circumstances.

"He's twice the man you'll ever be." Snarled Annie, turning to face Bieber. The revolver was pointed right at her forehead, the ice-cold metal barely a millimeter away.

"You know what, I disagree. I mean, look at all the awards I have, and I'm not even twenty. What did he have when he was twenty?" Bieber snorted, casually flicking the safety catch on and off.

"At least 5 solo albums, and a cool million in the bank. Compared to you, well that's no contest. You've been reduced to killing off the people you deem a threat. Pathetic. Simply pathetic." Diana replied, jumping in front of the gun barrel, within touching distance of Justin.

Why she would want to touch him though, well that's unclear, but she certainly did more than touch him next.

With both hands in a death-clamp on Justin's shoulders, Diana stared him dead in the eyes, then forced her right knee up into his crotch, knocking all the wind out of him. Justin doubled over, dropping the revolver to the stone pathway.

"Annie, take it! I'll handle him." Diana yelled, pushing Justin to the floor, and forcing his time turner into his hand.

"Told you he's twice the man you'll ever be." Diana hissed, typing a random date and place into the time turner.

"See you not-too soon!" She added, pressing the button.

Sure enough, the flickering started up again, and Bieber faded from view.

"Right, he's done with. What should we do with this?" Annie asked, holding the revolver in her hand.

"Erm." Diana thought, wondering what to do with it. It couldn't be left here, as Justin could easily come back for it, if where she sent him didn't get rid of him. "We'll make a pit-stop at a lake, and throw it in. He can't get it then."

"Excellent. Where next, as surely Bieber would just pick another time?"

"I have an idea. Pass me that, and I'll type in the date."

Annie handed over the time turner, and Diana set the dial. "I hope this is right!" She said, with her finger hovering over the purple button.

"It better be."

Just as Diana was about to press the button, the front door swung open. A tired-looking, but clearly joyful woman stood there, clutching a bundle of white and blue blankets tightly to her.

Diana beamed, trying to look harmless. "Look after him, ma'am." She replied, before pressing the button, and flickering out of view with Annie.

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