Believe (Harry Styles S/A for AnikaStylesu)

When Anika is dragged to a gig she gets way more than she bargained for...


1. Believe


For 17 long years Anika’s daily routine rarely altered and when it did it wasn’t some kind of momentous change, she had grown accustom to a style of living and any change would have completely thrown her. From her morning beauty regime to her hour of reading before bed; nothing changed.

But sometimes she longed for spontaneity. The kind of random, fantastic event that has you reeling for days if not months...just something to take the blandness away from her life even for just one day.

She dreamt of her ‘white knight’ as cliché as it sounded, she dreamt of a fairytale kind of love with an ultra happy ending – the kind of love that people write about. She dreamt of her happy ever after...

But that was just a dream. In no way did she expect any of that to actually happen. She’d seen far too many relationships fail, even her own parents...

Her dreams of a ‘happy ever after’ were just that – dreams.

That was until her cousin Kira dragged her to some shoddy backstreet concert of a singer she’d barely heard the name of.

Staring down at her worn converse, she bopped along to the poppy, lively music that Olly Murs sang loudly into a microphone and focused her grip on her cousin’s arm.

“Do not leave me!” Anika warned, she knew that Kira had a bad habit of wandering off.

“Like I would.” Kira smiled innocently and Anika rolled her bright eyes.

An hour and a half later, Olly closed the show with his catchy song about how his heart skips a beat, yet he remained on stage talking to the small intimate audience.

“I have a special treat for you all.” Olly beamed down at the front row, “Have you heard of a little band called...” He paused for dramatic effect before lifting his right arm and pointing off stage, “One Direction!”

Naturally, the audience went crazy. Arms thrashed about the place and the semi-excited crowds were now split into two groups, blatant One Direction fans and people that weren’t that impressed. Anika stood around idly waiting for the music to continue while Kira tugged on her cousins arm.

“Quick, I want a good view.”

Anika followed obediently as Kira elbowed her way around herds of One Direction fans towards the front of the stage where 5 young men stood beaming down at them.

“Who are they again?” Anika asked confused to say the least, it wasn’t that she wasn’t impressed with their musical talent – in fact, when they began to sing she got goose bumps – it was just that she genuinely hadn’t heard of them before.

“They did X Factor, remember?” Kira asked pinning her cousin with a ‘you’re mad’ stare, “Just come on.” She persisted pulling on Anika’s arm till finally they were stood with their stomachs pressed against the foot of the stage.

“I don’t remember...” Anika breathed, but suddenly she didn’t care. One of the boys in particular stared down at her, blue eyes against brown, “Err...” She mumbled as he smiled widely, his quaffed fringe fell effortlessly perfect across his forehead and he leant forward, offering his hand out.

“Oh my god.” Was all Anika heard from her cousin before she was plucked out of the audience and pulled onto the stage by the handsome stranger.

“We’re going to sing a song...” The floppy haired boy began his voice low and husky, “Called What Makes You Beautiful.” He added placing a gentle kiss on Anika’s knuckles.

She stared at him dumbfound as another one of the boys began to sang, the blue eyed, floppy haired boy bopped along to the song till it was his turn to sing.

“I’m Harry.” He mouthed over the music, snapping Anika from the trance she’d been in, “Nice to meet ya.” He added sticking out his hand again, she obliged by taking it and he swung her into his arms.

The ‘ordeal’ lasted for 3 whole minutes and despite the fact the handsome stranger was just that – handsome – she also suffered from extreme stage fright and knew she’d get jealous jibes from her cousin from being randomly picked, she scurried off the stage quickly in an attempt to find Kira.

“Why would he pick you?!” Came Kira’s first snotty remark, and Anika instantly felt two inches tall.

“Why wouldn’t I pick her?” The same husky voice from earlier sounded over the music that played One Direction off stage. ‘Harry’ bounded forward and smiled slightly at Anika, “She’s clearly the most beautiful girl in this place.” He added, throwing Kira’s earlier remark.

Anika cleared her throat as Kira pinned the boy with a cold stare, “That’s a matter of opinion.”

“Well, in that case, in my opinion, she’s breath-taking.” Harry breathed as Kira stormed off in a huff.

“Thanks for that.” Anika responded, she pushed her hand out in front of her, “I’m Anika.”

Harry shook her hand and smiled a megawatt grin, “I meant what I said, you’re beautiful.” He responded.

Anika didn’t believe in fairytales and ‘white knights’ frequented her dreams, nothing else. But in that moment, when Harry took her hand and his fingers brushed hers... she finally believed.           

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