Forever and Always

Love is one of the best things in the world, but it can also be one of the most painful things in the world. Through it all Samantha or Sam has to find to be with the one she loves or let go of him. Join Sam and Harry as they find who they are as one. I just want to say this story is base off of a real relationship so it's going to be pretty much what everyone goes through. Hope you guys like! <3


1. Hold My Hand

Hold My Hand

Authors Note: Hello, I'm Sam. I will be posting a new chapter about very 2 weeks. I love writing. I hope everyone likes my story. First of all I want to clear up the story, Harry and "Sam" have been dating for about two years now, they both go to the same school, and they share mostly everything about each other. Love you guy! Oh and, my chapters are not usually this short, I am just getting started are this book, sorry I guess. ~Sam <3 

I got out of the car slamming the door behind my. I didn't bother to
look back. I just kept walking. I wiped my eyes and head for my
regular waiting spot, but got stop by a sweet voice. "Sam." I turned
around resizing it was Harry. "Hey," I rapped my arms around his
neck. We pulled away form each other. He looked into my eyes. I come
feel tears boiling up again. "What's wrong?" Harry said still looking
into my eyes. I shrugged. "I can tell something's wrong. Please tell
me." I stick my hands into my pockets and started to walk again. He
followed me shortly. "Here let me hold your hand." Then he pulled one
hand out of my pocket. I held his hand tight, still looking down.
Trying my very best to not cry,Harry suddenly stop walking. I looked
up at him. "Sam, I love you." I started to cry. He pulled me into a
hug. We stood there just embracing each other for what it seems a
lifetime. "I love you too." I whisperer into his ear. We let go of
each other. And continued walking down the halls, hands entwined. "Do
you want a water." Harry asked softly. "No." I said back gently. "Do
you want to come with me to get a water?" I giggled softly and nodded
my head. I dropped his hand and let him get his water. "Is there
anything I can do to make you feel better?" He said grabbing my hand
again. "Having you here with me is more than enough. All I really need
is you." I said squeezing his hand tight. He smiled, that perfect
smile, he always has. His eyes were green as usually, but something
was different. It was almost like pain was in his eyes, but he seemed
fine. All I wanted to do was hold him tight and ever let him go. "I
love you, Harry!" I repeated. He looked up from the floor and he
smiled, "I love you too."

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