Me and Styles

Jo is 16 years old. When she was 6 her mother died mysteriously, but no one knew what happened. She's left with her horrible step-dad and her brother who has gone to collage. One day her step-dad punched her and she decided to runaway. She went to her grandmothers, who was the only one who understood her feelings. One day a certain band came to town, she didn't know much about the band but her friend got two tickets to go see them in concert. Hannah had been her best friend ever since they were able to walk and talk. At the concert Jo meets a certain someone.... READ IT TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS !!!!!!



Jo's POV

"OH MY GOD JO JUST CLICK BUY!!!", "IM TRYING, ITS JUST KEEPS FUCKING FREEZING!!" We were stressing over buying the One Direction tickets. Hannah just wanted them so badly!!!

After about a half an hour we finally got the tickets. Hannah decide to throw a "mini" party, just me and her. we were in block A row 1 plus backstage tickets. I didnt mind where we sat or if we got backstage tickets but Hannah was OVER THE MOON about it !!!! 

We will have to stay in Dublin the night before because it would take a few hours to get there if we left on the day. 

Hannah POV

FUCKING YES WE GOT FRONT ROW TICKETS !!!!!!! Firstly i have to teach Jo a LOT about One Direction before we went to meet them. I went on the laptop and I searched One Direction. I called Jo over and made her sit down and listen !!! "Who's your favourite??" i asked her. "I don't have one" she said "YOU HAVE TO HAVE ONE!!! if you had to pick one who would it be??" "probally......... Harry??, I dont really know" "ok we can work with Harry then. I searched Harry Styles and we watched videos of him. I think after that she really liked Harry!!!

Jo's POV

OMG i never thought i'd fall in love with a boy over the internet !!! Harry Styles was just GORGEOUS!!!!! Now I can't wait to see them !!!!

Harry's POV

We started to pack for staying in Dublin for a week. Niall was so excited about getting to go to Nandos every evening for dinner. Anyway i have to go and pack !!!

( I know its short but i have a writers block, I'll have more soon )


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